Introducing HappyCo Q1 Releases

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With so much in flux for multifamily, HappyCo's Q1 product updates are set to improve your property workflows, helping dispersed teams collaborate more effectively than ever as they collect, share, and act on the data that matters most.

With so much in flux for multifamily, HappyCo's Q1 product updates are set to improve your property workflows, helping dispersed teams collaborate more effectively than ever as they collect, share, and act on the data that matters most.

Introducing HappyCo Q1 Releases
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With so much in flux for multifamily, HappyCo's Q1 product updates are set to improve your property workflows, helping dispersed teams collaborate more effectively than ever as they collect, share, and act on the data that matters most.

Tech is only useful when people use it! That's why HappyCo's Q1 product updates were built with an especially strong emphasis on a collaborative user experience — from technicians completing assignments to supervisors setting schedules to execs forming budgets.

To strengthen teamwork between on-site and off-site staff, and to pave the way for happier residents and higher-value properties, HappyCo is excited to introduce our three new suites that span the entire property journey: Happy Lending, Happy Due Diligence, and Happy Property.

Also, in the spirit of improving workflows and connecting teams, we've decided to simplify the names of our solutions. Happy Tasks is now Tasks; Happy Inspector is now Inspections. With that, let's cover what's new and why it helps you teams do what they do best!

Happy Lending: Inspect with confidence

Developed in collaboration with Freddie Mac Multifamily, the Happy Lending Suite includes Optigo Happy℠, a time-saving mobile inspection platform that’s integrated with Freddie Mac Multifamily systems. Optigo Happy helps multifamily lenders deliver the property data needed to underwrite loans with confidence. The Happy Lending Suite includes an optional Virtual Inspections feature, allowing onsite contacts to stream and record high-resolution video right from their smartphone.

Optigo Happy empowers your team to get more out of their inspections with an easy-to-use interface that works how they do, and includes value-added capabilities like:

  • Freddie Mac Multifamily inspection templates
  • Powerful features that speed documentation
  • Real-time dashboards for instant intelligence
  • Best-in-class mobility features that keep your workflows flowing

Now, let's turn to the next chapter in the property story: due diligence.

Happy Due Diligence: Ace every acquisition

Collecting error-free data as quickly as possible — we know it's far from easy! That's why HappyCo's Happy Due Diligence suite helps teams handle the pressures of property acquisitions more effectively than ever. This quarter, we've focused our attention on the lease auditing process. Here's what's new and how it helps:

  • Select specific fields for reports: tailor comparison reports to your team's needs with this workflow update, helping busy execs review only what's relevant.
  • Lock fields during audits: prevent mistakes and boost data accuracy with the ability to prevent edits from happening mid-audit.
  • Navigate dropdowns with ease: we've dropped our top-of-page auto-scroll feature to help users move even faster through the LFA process, easily navigating from one audit field to the next while making edits to sections completed by internal users.

We didn't stop with these workflow improvements! Let's learn about the "suite" updates to your property management processes.

Happy Property: Power up operations

With remote collaboration becoming so essential to the success of workplaces, HappyCo is here to help bridge gaps between on-site and off-site multifamily teams, paving the way for data-based decisions that make communities happier, portfolio-wide. Here's how our Q1 releases are set to strengthen teamwork across properties:

  • Assign inspections via Schedules: get ready to boost compliance and improve oversight now that you can assign an inspection through Schedules. And, if plans change, your managers can just as easily change an existing schedule assignee.
  • Import/Export template: save time when bulk editing with the chance to copy a best practice template and make the changes you need via Excel or Google.
  • Move an inspection photo between items: strengthen data integrity across your processes by ensuring a mistaken image attachment during an inspection can be shifted seamlessly to the intended item within Manage. Note: photos can only be moved within a single inspection (not into another one). Also, you need to have the new inspection editor enabled. See for yourself:
  • Send an inspection to a third party: whether it's a make ready checklist or a life safety inspection, this option lets you send a web-based inspection form to a vendor or other service provider with the simple tap of a button.

Live Inspections is seeing a few user experience boosts, too! Starting now, users can:

  • Mute microphone in the Live app: camera operators can stop unwanted background noise from putting a wrench in their otherwise smooth inspections. Participants can also see that the operator is muted, preventing confusion as co-workers collaborate remotely. 
  • Start inspection before Live Operator arrives: you can now sign in and start talking before the camera operator arrives, setting the stage for a smooth collaboration. 

And, for our Tasks updates? Efficiency, privacy, and collaboration were top of mind. Here's what's possible for your teams as a result: 

  • Masking phone numbers in Tasks: techs can offer top-notch customer service while keeping their information private. When US-based, mobile users of Tasks call a resident through the app, their phone number will be hidden from residents through *67. 
  • Updated filtering options: now, with the option to filter by projects, maintenance tasks, and categories, techs and execs can quickly find the tasks that matter most to them. Plus, they can separately view tasks that are Open, On Hold, or Completed instead of seeing them grouped together. With these advanced filtering options, managers have improved oversight and management of staff assignments, maintenance team members can seamlessly sift through tasks they can still tackle without being assigned (i.e. electrical needs for an electrician), and a property awaiting vendor parts can bypass On Hold Tasks and view what's possible to solve that day. 
  • Link a task to a project: from turn to preventative maintenance, ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Add an existing task to a project stage, or move tasks between stages within a project. 
  • SAML Single Sign On (SSO): brace yourself for an easy breezy login experience! HappyCo users can now login in directly through identity providers that include: Okta, Azure Active Director, Ping, and OneLogin. Just reach out, and we can make sure this update is enabled for your teams! 
  • Rent Manager and Entrata integrations: Multifamily teams can coordinate schedules and teams more effectively than ever with our new Rent Manager and Entrata integrations. These updates allow work orders created in those systems to automatically sync as tasks, and scheduled move-outs to generate a Make Ready project in Tasks. Even better? Resident info will be imported at the same time as asset sync. 

Later this quarter, multifamily teams can also expect: 

  • Bulk task assignments: boost property performance by assigning related tasks — from electrical work to pain projects — to the person who does them best.
  • Move-in date and lease status displayed in Make Ready projects: keep everyone's eye on the make ready prize! Once every team member understands at a glance when the next resident arrives, you can reduce unit downtime. 

And, those are HappyCo's "suite" answers to multifamily's biggest challenges — at least for this quarter! If you're excited to take the leap and launch with us, here's a recent piece that highlights how multifamily teams can ensure adoption unfolds as seamlessly as possible.

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