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“The more we spend time on our physical asset and the analysis of what the buildings need and the residents want, the more profitable our projects are and the better off our residents’ experiences are.”

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Heidi Turner
Heidi Turner
Principal & Cofounder
Blanton Turner
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“Whenever I talk to anybody from HappyCo, it always feels very personal and like a true partnership. The team isn’t hyper-focused on revenue, but instead on asking questions like, ‘What can we do for you?’ or ‘How can we improve this process?,’ which I value quite a bit.”

Alex Cuenca
Alex Cuenca
Director of Asset Performance
Maxus Properties

“We needed instant access to our data so we could optimize the cost and quantity of our purchases and turn beds faster. That was something we couldn’t do formerly, so the HappyCo dashboard became a big win for us.”

Lynnette Mouton
Lynnette Mouton
Director of Business Process
Aspen Heights Partners

“The industry is moving away from making decisions based on assumptions and toward a data-driven model, and HappyCo’s software is accelerating this trend. I find that a lot of multifamily products out there have been designed for engineers, while the HappyCo product is super intuitive, and one of the only tools I’ve found that people can just pick up and use.”

Briant Carcamo
Briant Carcamo
Business Operations Manager
Steadfast Management

“Now when someone disputes a damage claim, we can immediately provide a detailed report with photo evidence. Since implementing the HappyCo platform, the number of disputes has dramatically decreased.”

Matt Walker
Matt Walker
VP of Property Management
CA Student Living

What our customers have to say

“I believe Inspections has helped improve our relationship with residents because they're able to actually physically see everything when we perform the move-out with them, and they trust that the data we're capturing is being accurately entered into our system. My disputes have gone from 10 per quarter down to 3 per quarter.”

Rachel Smith
Business Manager
Tarragon Property Services

“Being able to get the information we need in a timely, routine basis is everything. HappyCo has streamlined communication between all of our management partners to where we’re able to see exactly what they see and pivot and make adjustments as needed.”

Nathan Munz
Managing Director of Asset Management
Standard Communities

“We have extremely high confidence in the property-level inspection data we're seeing in HappyCo. Paper forms simply make it impossible to manage and audit your operations remotely. With HappyCo we no longer have that problem. That means happier staff, more satisfied residents, and just better business.”

Leisl Spurlin
Senior Regional Manager
GoldOller Real Estate Investments
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