Virtual Inspections
Inspect virtually, from anywhere.

Virtual Inspections is a virtual property inspections tool that lets you join origination inspections from anywhere. With just a smartphone, your onsite contact can stream and record high-resolution video of lending inspections, so you can conduct reliable inspections while minimizing travel and disruption for safer, more efficient operations.

Ready, set, stream!

The Live App, available on iOS and Android, transforms your onsite contact's mobile device into a live video feed, so you can inspect from anywhere. Easily complete inspection forms while you capture ratings and high-quality images simultaneously with the video feed. When you're done, save and store the video itself for a complete and accurate inspection history.

With crystal clear audio and video, it’s like you’re right there.

Pixel-perfect pictures

Say goodbye to shaky webcam videos and glitchy connections. Unlike other video solutions, Virtual Inspections easily captures high-resolution photos for accurate assessment and rock-solid proof.

Freddie Mac Multifamily integration

Virtual property inspections shouldn’t come with compromises. Virtual Inspections and Optigo Happy℠ from Freddie Mac allow you to coordinate inspections seamlessly with Freddie Mac Multifamily. With unique inspection templates for lenders and Freddie Mac Multifamily representatives, both parties can conduct their inspections in a single virtual session. Use digital submissions and integrated inspection forms to ensure you’re always capturing the information you need to get ahead.

Take back your time

Multiparty inspections made easy
Virtual inspections can be expanded to include appraisers and engineers in a single inspection.

Play back session recordings
Whether you need to refer back to an inspection to double-check a detail or train new staff on your organization’s best practices, you can easily access and share saved inspection videos.

Invite more participants
Get your whole team in on the action. Invite up to four guests to observe the live feed, allowing your teams to work together for true collaboration.

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Virtual Inspections is an add-on with the Happy Lending Suite

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Seamless integration with Freddie Mac Multifamily

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