Centralized Maintenance
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Centralize and automate maintenance, with JoyAI.

Rise above increasing costs, lagging rent growth, and inefficient processes, and catapult your multifamily maintenance teams to centralized success.

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Centralized Maintenance

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Centralize and automate maintenance, with JoyAI.

The future is here. More efficiency, higher staff productivity, and lower costs. Introducing Centralized Maintenance from HappyCo.

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Meet Joy. AI built for property operators, owners, maintenance teams, and residents.

JoyAI automates the most time-consuming tasks on your team’s plate, from scheduling and assigning work orders, pre-filling in the details on service requests, to simplifying inventory management and improving asset lifespan.

maintenance team Control Center

Simplify and speed up daily work assignment across teams, techs, and properties.

JoyAI auto-assigns work by matching technician skills and proximity, optimizing their schedules, maximizing service time, and boosting productivity.

Schedule and assign work in seconds across multiple properties with JoyAI, and easily overwrite schedules when you need control in your hands.

See work progress across multiple properties in calendar and map views to efficiently coordinate teams.

Maintenance techs view their own personalized day and week of scheduled work in priority and list views for boosted productivity.

intelligent work orders

Enrich work order details before they’re assigned, with JoyAI and Happy Force.

Giving maintenance techs more context and better resources to resolve work orders faster means less time wasted and 5-star service from start to finish.

JoyAI summarizes service requests, especially helpful with IVR; and categorizes by Service Request, Turn, Preventative, and Regulatory for understanding work at a glance.

Capture serial numbers, and JoyAI auto-enriches the work order with item manual, warranty, and service schedule for richer context and more cost-effective repair and replace.

Happy Force technicians respond in minutes to residents, asking relevant questions to ensure your team has all the specifics.

JoyAI puts videos and community forums at your team’s fingertips — right in the relevant work order for faster, better resolution.

24/7 resident services

Delight residents with real-time service updates and self-serve options.

Maintenance Portal

Residents can now view live service request summary, status, and schedule, and message their assigned technician — no app or login required.

Automated Notifications

Residents receive automated messages regarding technician arrival time and photo, and can easily reschedule appointments.

Surveys and Ratings

Capture resident sentiment with new tools to uncover needed improvements and action insights to boost overall resident satisfaction.

Resident Self-Serve

Enable residents to solve simple maintenance items with experienced Happy Force remote techs, allowing onsite teams to focus on the critical items.

remote maintenance technicians

Happy Force for Human-in-the-loop AI assistance.

For the most comprehensive resident service for your maintenance operations, add Happy Force Remote Technicians. With remote technicians serving as humans-in-the loop assistance to JoyAI, ensure every service request is triaged before it reaches your service team.

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Technician profiles

Promote your team’s strengths with a skills and certifications catalog.

Technicians can now update their individual profiles and promote their skills, so you can better match their unique abilities to every work order.


Showcase technician skills and experience in areas such as appliance repair, drywall, electrical, and HVAC.

Resident Ratings

Identify and reward top performers and provide more training to those with lower scores.

Work Orders

View work orders completed by each technician across your portfolio.


Certifications and licenses are entered to showcase specializations.

inventory management

Unlock seamless inventory control across your properties.

Effortlessly monitor and manage your supplies across all properties with unparalleled precision.

Unit Inventory

JoyAI uses your inspection and work order data to identify in-unit inventory automatically; and intelligently adds make, model, manufacture date, and PM schedules when you capture item serial numbers.

Smart Recommendations

JoyAI intelligently assesses item data from expected lifespan to work order history to power proactive recommendations to manage items cost effectively.

Centralized Inventory Tracking

Track items in your warehouse or at storage locations across properties to better manage work assignment based on available, local inventories.

Shopping Lists

When technicians order parts, those parts are automatically added to shopping lists your procurement team reviews to place orders.

Parts Procurement

Technicians can now order parts for repairs and place work orders on hold until parts are approved by your procurement team.

Preventative Maintenance

Easily configure PM schedules for in-unit and property inventory, and JoyAI auto-schedules work at the right time.

Compliance Tracking

JoyAI keeps your teams up-to-date on recalls, useful life, and energy star details.

Preventative Maintenance

Setup PM schedules for all your in-unit and property inventory ensuring that it is serviced to increase useful life and resident satisfaction

Asset tracker

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Understand the inventory of every single unit across your entire portfolio. JoyAI diligently populates your asset knowledge base—from serials to warranties, preventative maintenance schedules to work order history—maximizing NOI and ensuring better planned purchases.

Understand the inventory of every single unit across your entire portfolio. JoyAI diligently populates your asset knowledge base—from serials to warranties, preventative maintenance schedules to work order history—maximizing NOI and ensuring better planned purchases.