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Asset management solutions to evaluate and close deals

Reduce bottlenecks and say goodbye to spreadsheets to achieve optimal property valuation and peak portfolio performance.

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Make every second count with data-driven tools that speed up walks and project renovations while delivering impactful reporting.

Upgrade your portfolio’s performance with modern tools

Your source of asset truth
Provide unparalleled visibility into your asset’s conditions across all phases of the property lifecycle.

Picture of a construction team renovating a multifamily apartment unit next to a screenshot showing the unit features of a 2x1 floorplan

Effortless collaboration and planning
Simplify communication between team members and facilitate quicker business decisions.

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Boost productivity
Automate manual workflows, mitigating the risk of missing notifications.

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“It makes file auditing so much easier than having a spreadsheet, being able to go to the file and look at each individual line, uploading the documents that's in there. I could complete a file in five minutes versus ten minutes on a spreadsheet.”

Dominique Walker, Sr. Property Manager
Pegasus Residential

Elevate your asset’s performance

Actionable insights

Stop analysis paralysis. Get real intelligence about your property and portfolio with our reporting and dashboards.

Minimal onboarding

Reduce your team’s onboarding burden with intuitive interfaces and industry-tested processes.

Eliminate team bottlenecks

Seamlessly collaborate with internal and external team members during acquisitions and project renovations.

Drive NOI

Capture critical financial data throughout the property lifecycle, ensuring business plan success.

Focused communication

Stay informed of your team's progress and avoid losing days or weeks to missed or forgotten updates.

Designed for multifamily

Automated, tailored workflows reduce inspection and capital project completion time.

Unified HappyCo experience

Happy Asset works seamlessly with Happy Property and provides visibility into budgets and unit renovations to help you target the floor plans and finish levels that will generate optimal rent rates.

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“It's hard to quantify just how valuable the HappyCo Due Diligence software has been for us, but it's significant ... It's much easier to present property and unit issues confidently to the seller ... This would have been a much more difficult negotiation process previously, but with HappyCo it was easy, and there's several cases where we've seen a substantial return.”

Zach Baker
Zach Baker
Senior Manager, Technical Services
Harbor Group Management
Faster Unit Inspections

“Where the software becomes really useful is in formulating the renovation strategy. It’s incredibly powerful to know the different styles of unit flooring, countertops and appliances. It’s this detailed level of unit data that allows us to specify with a high degree of certainty where we should invest our renovation dollars and how much we need to invest.”

Briant Carcamo
Briant Carcamo
Business Operations Manager
Steadfast Management

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Happy Asset seamlessly integrates with leading property management systems to help streamline  your onsite workflows.

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