Turning issues into opportunities

Inspections is a property inspections app that helps your team quickly identify problems and effortlessly generate work orders to correct them. While they’re working, their progress fuels powerful, data-driven insights that let you see what’s working and what isn’t about the properties you manage.

We’re setting a new standard for property inspections. Here’s the proof.

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Daily Inspections

Making the most of inspections

Empower your team to get more out of their inspections with an easy-to-use interface that works how they do.

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Customizable inspection templates
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Powerful features that speed documentation
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Tools for improved compliance
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Real-time dashboards for instant intelligence
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Inspection reports tailored perfectly for residents
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Best-in-class mobility features that keep your workflows flowing
Templates & Styles

Set your standards with ease

Start with one of our best-in-class inspection templates, or make them your own with powerful customization features to ensure your team’s capturing what’s important.

Business-Wide Standards
Match forms to the floor plans of your property, share them across multiple properties in your portfolio, and edit templates and report styles globally to ensure they’re always up to date.

Flexible and Fast Updates
When plans change, edit inspection forms on the fly and they’ll automatically sync with your onsite team's devices.


Know where you stand

Scheduled Inspections
Unlock the power of recurring inspections to keep your entire portfolio in compliance with life safety and other regulations. Easily schedule inspections at the cadence that’s right for you, assign them to specific team members, and use automatic due dates and inspection expirations to ensure they’re completed on time.

Required Items and Time-Stamped Photos
Customize your required items to ensure your properties measure up to your standards, and use time-stamped photos and digital signatures to record and manage necessary authorizations.


Drive better decisions

Our unified dashboards make it easy to review and share inspection results in real time. Give everyone on your team maximum visibility into inspection details, property conditions, item adoption, and inspection quality — or tailor the results for your audience, whether that’s regional managers, owners, or onsite teams.

Third-party & Resident Inspections

Delegate inspections with ease

With Guest Inspections, you can designate any trusted individual to inspect on your team’s behalf. Vendors, contractors, and even residents can easily use our property inspection app to save the time and expense of travel costs, with no app download or registration required. Empower residents and members of your staff to complete inspections themselves, so they can feel safe at work and at home.

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Work Orders

Turn information into action

When inspections turn up maintenance issues, turn them into Tasks with a single tap. From life safety to preventative maintenance to move outs, your team can turn inspection results into tasks that tell your service team where to go next — and automatically attach photos and relevant comments for maximum clarity.

See how we’re giving Ongoing Maintenance a makeover

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Keep things on track

Use push notifications and automatic updates across iOS and Android devices to make knowing what’s next a no-brainer.

Cross Platform
Seamless sync from mobile to desktop and back again ensures that you always have the information you need at your fingertips.

Automatic Backups and Drafts
Because our tools store your data in the cloud automatically, you can rest easy knowing your portfolio’s information is always safe.


Remote Visibility

View inspection results as they’re collected.

Enterprise Features

Make it easy for your team to transition between applications with our integrated single sign-on (SSO) capabilities.

Floor Plan Mapping

Speed inspections with forms that automatically match the layout of each unit, identifying the correct number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Global Template Editor

Customize your templates across your entire portfolio.

Time-Stamped Photos

Attach up to 16 high-resolution photos to each inspection item for objective proof and maximum clarity.

Notes & SnapText

Add comments or notes to each item inspected, and store frequently-used comments in our SnapText library for easy access.

Customizable Attributes

Capture item brands, colors, finishes, and unique conditions.


Allow inspectors to assess how conditions measure up to your standards, so you can benchmark performance and accurately estimate costs.

Reliable Offline Mode

Spotty service won’t stop your inspections.

Push Notifications

Never miss an update with push notifications on iOS and Android devices.

Item Information

The information button allows you to add additional per-item instructions, with preset values that allow inspectors to only mark items that vary from the default.

Inspection Reports

Minimize damage disputes with move-out reports that provide your residents with transparency into item conditions.


Open for business. The Happy platform integrates with leading PMS software.

Whether you use Yardi, RealPage or another leading property management system, HappyCo syncs seamlessly with your platform of choice. That’s why we’re certified integration partners with the leading PMS software providers, making sure you get the most out of your data.

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