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Unlock a truly complete picture of property conditions with tools purpose-built for your team’s walks. Quickly capture the most accurate and impactful information about a target property and deliver insights that empower owners to make smarter offers — all for less time and cost than the competition.

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Inspections you can rely on

Harness the power of our property walk app feature, Inspections', with a simple, easy-to-use interface to quickly capture the complete physical picture of a property. Easily attach high-resolution photos for objective proof with a single tap. When you're onsite, our intuitive mobile and web apps protect your inspection data, even when you're offline, and sync across all devices when you're reconnected.

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Informed walkers walk better

When your team’s walking, speed is everything. Help them move faster with pre-filled forms that let them note only the things that aren’t up to standards. Other property walk app features include fully customizable templates to ensure you’re always capturing the information you need. With seamless syncing across devices and a dashboard that helps you view results in real time, you’ll be able to jump in to edit templates and forms on the fly for minimal downtime and maximum results.

Enabling actionable insights

Empower owners to make smarter offers with reports that put negotiating power in their corner. Advanced Data Reporting helps you generate comprehensive reports that cover property conditions, property costs and budgeting, and property details. You’ll wow owners with the depth and breadth of your understanding of the target property, making you integral to the future of their acquisition.


Virtual walks without worry

Whether you’re on the road, in your office, or at home, join in on walks without missing a beat. With our property walk app, Live Inspections, onsite teams can stream and capture high-resolution video walks for a complete picture of unit and property conditions. Reduce unnecessary travel costs and ensure your standards are met with objective, time-stamped, proof of results.

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*Price is per property transaction and based on a minimum order of $700.

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