Leasing and resident experiences, tailored to fit.

Revitalize the customer experience with mobile-optimized, frictionless applications, leasing management, and resident interactions, tailored to fit your workflows – whether your operations are distributed or centralized.

Flexible applications down to the unit
Easy document creation and signatures
Lifecycle lease management tools
Better resident interactions & renewals
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Powerful configuration & management

Alleviate manual processes and speed your application to lease timeline, with robust tools for configuring and managing applications.

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Templates & Packages
Create customized templates for prospect and guarantor applications, market-rate verus subsidized, and assign packages to specific units.
Drag-Drop Editor
Customize templates with a drag-and-drop editor with control over text, images, and question placement.
Application Steps
Sequence your application sections exactly as you see fit and define each step with configurable Block components.
Components Library
Select from a default component library of pre-configured blocks, or customize blocks, labels and fields to collect the most important information.
Application Preview
Preview forms before finalizing to see exactly how your prospect will view them on the web or mobile.
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L&CRM Workflows | Applications | Online Applications
Applicants receive an automated email or SMS to start, with lease details, information required, and an application link.
Progress Indicator
A progress bar indicates completion, providing applicants with a clear understanding of their progress.
Application Autosave
Save as you go, whether you need to pause and come back, or you loose internet access. Autosave will keep your data intact avoiding any process slow down.  
Deposit Payments
Easily configure when applicants submit deposit payments during the application and accept payments with control.
Application Summary
Summary information alerts applicants to finish missing sections with one tap navigation to complete or edit that item.
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L&CRM Workflows | Applications | Applicant Portal
Application Status
Applicants can view their real-time application status and easily track this in the portal, or receive push notifications during their application journey.
Lease Details
Details from monthly rent to address is displayed, especially helpful for applicants with multiple application submissions.
Applicants can make and track payments and easily view those messages in real-time through the portal.
Co-Applicants & Guarantors
Applicants can view application status for co-applicants, guarantors, and references, when submitted, in progress, or approved.
Lease Signatures
Integrated with Dropbox Sign, applicants can easily sign leases in the portal once your team approves the application.
Resident Portal Integration
Once a lease is completed, the Applicant Portal automatically onboards new residents to the Resident Portal, with the same user credentials.
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L&CRM Workflows | Applications |  Applicant Management
Applications Dashboard
Access applications you’ve been assigned and are permitted to view, and get a quick pulse on all applications in progress.
Lead/Unit Assignment
Quickly add new leads for a specific available unit, with available property inventory surfaced for error-free setup.
Configure Lease Details  
Assign Application Package, add lease dates, deposit details, rentable items and incentives.
Review & Approval
Review submitted applications, add background checks and income verification, and approve in a few clicks.
Lease Documents
Create lease documents in a couple steps by assigning template; and applicant and lease details are automatically added.
Lease Signatures
Integrated with Dropbox Sign, leasing agents can easily countersign leases according to the roles and policies set.
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L&CRM Workflows | Applications | Screening Insurance
Credit & Criminal Checks
Integrated credit and criminal checks are triggered automatically when activating new applications.
Enhanced Screening
With Equifax integration, screens can surface individual data points in a credit check, better indicators than a credit check alone.
Applicant Flags
Applicant responses are auto-flagged when information predicts issues or suitability for your community, determined by you.
Insurance Management
Enable applicants to purchase insurance from a trusted partner or upload proof of coverage, with timing and review set by you. Set up automatic compliance checks for yearly hassle-free reminders.
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L&CRM Workflows | Applications | Fees Payments
Configurable Fees
Configure reusable application and deposit fees with flexible payment timing in your templates down to the unit.
Multiple Accounts
Assign deposits and fees to different bank accounts, eg. to escrow or operating accounts depending on your needs.
Applicant Payments
Collect fee and deposit payments via ACH or credit card; applicants get real-time verification of payment pass/fail.
Credit Card Holds
Payments are difficult to refund, so applicant payments are held for seven days, easily released or processed.
Offer and track a wide range of incentives with multiple benefits, flexible schedules, and configure as discounts or gifts.
Create special incentives that unlock with promo codes, set redemption limits, and refresh limits on a schedule.
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L&CRM Workflows | Applications | Permissions
Feature & Property Permissions
Set permissions based on what features users can access, eg. applications, leases, resident portal; and by property.
User Permissions
Control access to sensitive data with user permissions for credit checks, application approvals by property, and much more.
Configure policies that trigger multiple review cycles with rules like rent to income ratios and credit scores.
Data Management
Purging selected information of sensitive applicant and resident information on automated schedules assists in compliance with PII regulations.
L&CRM Workflows | Applications | Integrated

Application Configuration

Configure lease applications down to the unit level and customize for different asset classes, usages, and regional requirements. Effortlessly supports market-rate and affordable applications, even on the same unit.

Online Applications

Most renters prefer filling lease applications on the go; give them a mobile-optimized experience they’ll love, speeding submissions and reducing vacancy days.

Applicant Portal

Keep applicants in the know and in control with real-time application status and payments, and dramatically improve the timeline from application to lease.

Application Management

Enable in-person applications onsite or centralized workflows with real-time dashboards, quick lead setup, and integrated lease documents.

Screening & Insurance

With enhanced applicant screening and automatic flagging of suitable individuals, you’ll more quickly identify the best matches for your communities.

Fees, Payments & Incentives

Set fees and deposits, collect payments with automated holds, and offer a range of incentives for maximum flexibility across your portfolio.

Permissions, Policies & Data

Restrict access to sensitive data with permissions, activate multiple approval levels with policies, and improve PII compliance with data management.

Integrated with your PMS

We work with Yardi Voyager and are adding more integrations based on customer demand. Yardi lease details on units available in inventory are automatically populated for error-free lease setup.

Avenue Living improves applicant experiences with flexible and powerful configurations.

“Collaborating with HappyCo’s team has been an exceptional experience. They really took the time to understand our vision and objectives for the technology.”

Crystal Li
Crystal Li
Chief of Staff
Avenue Living
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Resident Documents

Easy document setup & automated data entry

Create any signable documents with easy field mapping and automated data entry in your format, for fast configuration of resident documents.

Document Types

From leases, addenda, transfers, renewals, and more, create signable document templates to handle all your resident documentation needs in your format and configure down to the unit.

Document Preview

Preview your document with data mapped to fields, edit as needed prior to finalizing, and permit and restrict editing access by the leasing agent prior to emailing for resident signature.

Dropbox Sign Integration

Integrated with Dropbox Sign, resident and property signatories can easily sign documents from leases to addendum in an intuitive, digital workflow that ensures legal requirements are met.

L&CRM Workflows | Resident Documents | Doc Preview
L&CRM Workflows | Resident Documents | Doc types
L&CRM Workflows | Resident Documents | Dropbox
Lease Management

Entire lease lifecycle management

Whether fixing a typo, adding a rentable item, or assigning a new lease, make changes confidently while keeping your current contract in place.

L&CRM Workflows | Lease Management | Leases Dashboard
L&CRM Workflows | Lease Management | Lease Overview
L&CRM Workflows | Lease Management | Lease Amendments
L&CRM Workflows | Lease Management | Transfer and Assignments

Leases Dashboard

Review leases in a single dashboard with KPIs including leases up for renewal, insurance missing, and requiring review; plus view lease details, search, and filter by property, status, and assigned team member.

Lease Overview

View individual lease details complete with status, term, effective date, move-in and end date, monthly rent, renter details, renewal information, lease changes, and renter lease history.

Lease Amendments

Update leases with new monthly rent, add leaseholders, guarantors, and rentable items, and apply application packages to send new applications or addendums in a few clicks.

Transfers & Assignments

Easily transfer residents to new units only collecting the information required and reassign leases to new applicants, maintaining the existing lease until the new lease is approved, ensuring no data is lost.

Lease History

View all lease history from monthly rent changes, rentable items and more. Because lease history is retained by tenant, you’ll enable smarter customer management for renewals – whether at the same property or across your portfolio.

Capreit transforms leasing across their portfolio with robust lease management.

“I am proud of what we have collectively been able to accomplish. I can’t thank you enough for all your dedication, patience, and willingness to listen and incorporate our feedback.”

Saad Zuberi
Saad Zuberi
Director, Operations Support & Analysis
Canadian Apartment Properties • Reit
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Residential units under management: Canada's largest publicly traded REIT for rental housing
Bentall Green Oak levels up reporting with real-time dashboards and data exports.

“It’s very easy to access and export reports. Their dashboards feature maintenance to leasing and marketing. It has everything you need if you are into numbers and trend analysis!”

Tony Chen
Tony Chen
Marketing Analyst
Bentall Green Oak
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Assets under management; one of the largest REITs in North America

Flexible and complete renewal workflows

Retain the right residents with workflows for lease expiration tracking, offers, and communications, improving occupancy and lowering turn costs.

L&CRM Workflows | Renewals | Renewal Offers
L&CRM Workflows | Renewals | Resident Options
L&CRM Workflows | Renewals | Renewal Details
L&CRM Workflows | Renewals | Resident Re-qualification

Renewal Offers

Identify leases that are ready for renewal soon from the Leases Dashboard and create multiple offers in a few clicks with offer details defined by unit in your PMS including incentives, market rent, and term.

Resident Options

Gauge resident renewal sentiment by sending multiple term options, plus the ability to select transfer units or; to move-out residents simply select the choice that suits them in the Resident Portal.

Renewal Details

Once an offer is created, agents can view offer details in the Lease Overview Renewal tab, including unit, lease start date, and whether an offer has been accepted by the unit’s residents.

Resident Re-qualification

Easily screen residents during the renewal process to verify current income and employment details; with our built-in Equifax integration, checks run automatically in the background.

Resident portal

Resident payments, messaging, and more

Deliver better resident experiences with a mobile and web portal for payments, messaging, surveys, amenity bookings, and more.

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L&CRM Workflows | Resident Portal | Service Requests
Get it right from the start with easy service request submission, and allow residents to update details and add photos as needed.
Keep residents informed with real-time status tracking, repair updates, and scheduling.
Residents stay in the loop with automated status notifications and can send and receive messages to technicians directly from their work order.
Maintenance Surveys
Capture resident sentiment, uncover and action needed improvements, and boost ratings by inviting residents to leave a review after a positive experience.
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L&CRM Workflows | Resident Portal | Payments
One-Time & Recurring
Allow secure, one-time or recurring payments for rent, utilities, and other charges through the app or web platform.
Payment Methods
Maximize payment options with multiple payment methods – ACH, direct debit, credit card, and Visa or Mastercard debit.
Pre-Authorized Payments (PAP)
Improve timely rent collection by allowing your residents to set up pre-authorized (PAP) monthly payments.
Rent-Splitting Options
Support rent-splitting between residents and flexible PAP amounts, so your team can batch fewer payments.
Flexible Account Funds
Send funds to a corporate or specific property account based on your structure, with no trust accounts or intermediaries.
Reconciliation Reporting
Transaction-level reports allow you to easily track debits and credits allocated to your property bank accounts.
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L&CRM Workflows | Resident Portal | Amenity Booking Management
Resident Bookings
Residents can easily reserve building amenities such as common areas, pools, or fitness centers in the app or online.
Bookings Management
With web-based tools, your site teams can manage bookings across properties – for distributed or centralized workflows.
Availability Settings
Empower onsite or centralized teams to configure amenity availability, restrictions, buffer times, and downtime.
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L&CRM Workflows | Resident Portal | Community Notices
Real-Time Notifications
Keep residents in the loop with real-time messages delivered for building notices or community announcements.
Configurations & Templatess
Target notices to specific buildings or units and create notices based on templates or customized for specific needs.
Delivery Tracking
Track notice delivery and ensure that non-digital residents will still receive important updates.
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L&CRM Workflows | Resident Portal | Resident Insurance
Insurance Management
Allow applicants to purchase insurance directly from a trusted partner or upload proof of coverage, with timing set by you.
Policy Approvals
Give your site teams critical control with review and approval workflows for insurance policies uploaded by residents.
Expiration Notifications
Keep your residents in compliance by automatically notifying them of expiring policies through the native iOS or Android app, SMS, or push notifications.
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L&CRM Workflows | Resident Portal | Resident Messaging
In-App Chat
Residents communicate directly with property managers, maintenance, or concierge services through in-app chat.
Centralized Communications
Portfolio teams access resident messages by property or region, so they can pick up the thread when a team member is out.
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L&CRM Workflows | Resident Portal | Surveys Events Promotions
Resident Surveys
Residents can share their opinions and suggestions through in-app surveys to help improve their living experience.
Community Events
Foster belonging and engagement for better retention with event discovery and RSVP management for community events.
Offer residents perks with partner promotions by surfacing these in the Resident Portal mobile and web apps.

Service Requests

Seamless integration with our Service Request solution means better resident communications together with market-leading maintenance tools.


Reduce friction and maximize on-time payments with multiple payment methods and options including pre-authorizations and rent-splitting.

Amenity Booking & Management

Enable residents and property teams to book and manage amenities whether teams are distributed or centralized with online and mobile workflows.

Community Notices

Keep residents informed and ensure they never miss an important message with real-time broadcasts via the portal, email, or SMS.

Resident Insurance

Keep your properties compliant with a complete set of insurance management tools including integrated partner offers and expiration notices.

Resident Messaging

Centralize resident communications for distributed teams; and with automated messaging for lease amendments and renewals, improve speed rental timelines.

Surveys, Events, & Promotions

Improve resident experiences by collecting regular feedback and offering events and promotions to catapult resident satisfaction.

Maxus speeds unit turn and make ready, with significantly faster move-outs and move-ins. 

“Launching a resident portal was an important milestone. The platform was the perfect match; it provides an easy solution for residents while being robust enough to support our operations.”

Adelia Machado
Adelia Machado
Director of Operations
Canadian Apartment Properties • Reit
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Residential units under management: Canada's largest publicly traded REIT for rental housing
Capreit takes advantage of robust APIs to create a seamless experience with their ERP.

“At CAPREIT we have integrated the Resident Portal with our SAP ERP system to provide a seamless resident platform. We were able to utilize the APIs, which we found to be very robust and easy to maintain.”

Saad Zuberi
Saad Zuberi
Director, Operations Support & Analysis
Canadian Apartment Properties • Reit
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