Build a healthier multifamily budget

Say goodbye to budgeting stress, late nights spent poring over spreadsheets, and feeling like you have no visibility into your communities’ operations.

HappyCo is here to help.

Get a cure for your budget woes.

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Budgets: The ultimate headache

Budgeting in multifamily can feel like you’ve got a huge, dark cloud hanging over your head.

With no standardized information, bottlenecks galore, and dozens of stakeholders involved in every decision, it’s no wonder you sometimes (or constantly) feel like banging your head against the wall.

Spreadsheets, can only take you so far. For starters, they have no reporting capabilities and don’t allow for more than basic information input. You need much more than that to create successful, accurate multifamily budgets.


Turning pain into long-term gain

Ditch your spreadsheets, and let HappyCo’s complete solution suite help make budgeting processes a breeze.

Easily toggle between macro and micro views

The HappyCo platform gives your teams a centralized place to effortlessly track what’s going on in every unit, at every property, across your entire portfolio.

Every detail captured, recorded, and integrated

Our inspection capabilities let you accurately capture in-unit conditions for more precise reporting on damages, appliance conditions, etc.

Workflows built for complex capital projects

CapEx & Renovations simplifies your view of renovation budgets, capital improvements needed, and which projects will add the most value to your properties.


Other side effects from partnering with HappyCo may include…

Gaining a multi-year view of all properties in your portfolio.
Accessing portfolio-wide dashboards and reporting.
Identifying critical maintenance issues in advance.
Ability to predict standalone vs recurring replacement costs.
Determining renovation ROI with ease and confidence.
Tracking resident patterns to more easily forecast demand.

Feel better about budgets this season

HappyCo helps you do what you do best, by providing a complete picture of your portfolio, powering up your teams, and creating communities your residents love to call home.