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Powering better inspections

Optigo Happy from Freddie Mac Multifamily helps your team deliver the property data you need to underwrite and close loans faster. With the convenience and power of a mobile inspection platform, you’ll make the most of your time onsite while seamlessly connected to Freddie Mac's Optigo® network.

We’re taking the time, money, and hassle out of lending inspections.

Capture complete inspections with optimized data fields
Reduce forms and paperwork by up to 75%
Improve inspection accuracy with high-resolution photos

Making the most of inspections

Empower your team to get more out of their inspections with an easy-to-use interface that works how they do.

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Freddie Mac Multifamily inspection templates
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Powerful features that speed documentation
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Real-time dashboards for instant intelligence
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Best-in-class mobility features that keep your workflows flowing

Get exactly what you need

Say goodbye to clunky clipboards and time-consuming paperwork. Freddie Mac's Optigo Happy is a multifamily underwriting app that comes complete with their inspection templates and forms, so your team can go digital without missing a beat. Once onsite, empower your team to work smarter with features, like duplicating sections, that allow you to easily document units that weren't on your original inspection plan. When unexpected situations arise, edit inspection forms on the fly and they’ll automatically sync with your team’s devices.

Know where you stand

With Optigo Happy, onsite inspectors can easily capture and save high-resolution photos — and videos with Virtual Inspections — for objective proof of conditions with a single tap. Automatic time-stamping helps ensure a complete paper trail, no paper required.

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Drive better decisions

Our unified dashboards make it easy to review and share inspection results in real time. Give everyone on your team maximum visibility into inspection details and property conditions — or tailor the results for your audience, whether that’s underwriters, engineers, or appraisers.

Keep things on track

Automatic updates across iOS and Android devices make knowing what’s next a no-brainer. Seamless sync from mobile to desktop and back again ensures that you always have the information you need at your fingertips. Because our tools store your data in the cloud automatically, you can rest easy knowing your inspection information is always safe.

Signed, sealed, delivered

Optigo Happy is the only digital property inspection and multifamily underwriting app offering that connects you seamlessly to Freddie Mac Multifamily. With digital submissions and full integration, you’ll always know that you’ve fulfilled the necessary requirements. We’ll save you hours of processing time, so you and your team can easily move on to what’s next.


Unit Inspection Count

Template pre-populates with correct number of units to inspect based on loan requirements.

Freddie Mac Multifamily templates

Start from approved templates, both inspection and lease audit, to deliver the information you need quickly.

Time-Stamped Photos

Easily attach photos for objective proof with a single tap.

Reliable Offline Mode

Spotty service won't slow your inspections. Continue gathering data in offline mode and automatically sync results when reconnected.

Time Management Features

Required items, inspection assignments, and due dates ensure your team's always on track.


Easily attach detailed comments to item descriptions for added context.

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Seamless integration with Freddie Mac Multifamily

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