Happy API

Easily integrate the data you collect in HappyCo into corporate applications and databases for seamless workflows and reporting with our property management API.

Create customized workflows

Automatically schedule inspections, update property and unit information, and access raw inspection data that could be imported into a data warehouse solution.

Manage user access

Create, delete, update roles for users.

Provision accounts for your own customers

Under our partner program, you can integrate your product with HappyCo to automatically create linked accounts for your customers.

Programatically export reports

Download any inspection reports for archival purposes or send them to your residents.

Get started with gRPC

gRPC — a secure modern communication protocol open sourced by Google— bridges the gap between software platforms, simplifying client-server coding and speeding up implementation.

gRPC protocol
gRPC eliminates additional client coding for serializing requests and deserializing responses, so it builds faster than a REST API.

Supported Languages
Work in C++, Java, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, Node.js and PHP with open source gRPC libraries


Our partner integrations mean you can have the best real-time operations solution without sacrificing the simplicity of a single platform.

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