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Customize workflows with HappyCo integrations to easily access crucial data, save time, and boost ROI.

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99% of HappyCo customers integrated our platform with their existing PMS.

How integrations work with HappyCo

Access data

View essential data from your PMS through configurable dashboards. HappyCo's tailored integrations allow your systems to share critical information without excessive data exchange.

Communicate across systems

Automatically generate notifications across systems when an important update occurs, ensuring a seamless sync between HappyCo and your PMS.

Simplify workflows

Events in your PMS trigger pre-set actions within HappyCo’s platform, simplifying everyday projects, automating repetitive tasks, and streamlining workflows.

HappyCo seamlessly integrates with your PMS to streamline workflows.
Triggered events within your PMS engage pre-set actions in HappyCo.
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Giving you the best of both worlds

Connect your property workflows, gain valuable insights, and use data-driven tools to take your portfolio to new levels.



With HappyCo, Buildium users can sync inspection data and easily customize reports on the go.

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cloud storage

Collaboration made easy with Dropbox and Box

With our cloud storage integrations, HappyCo reports can automatically save to your folders, eliminating redundant, error-prone work for your staff.

Whether you’re sharing reports with your internal team or external partners, we help you ensure that your files are always well-organized and up-to-date.

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