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MAP Property Management Experiences 80% Time Reduction for Inspections and Processing

MAP Property Management

Responsible for 390 units throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, M A P Property Management services and oversees apartment properties and single-family homes alike. Sensitive to owner standards and tenant preferences, M A P works to keep all interested parties informed of move-ins, move-outs, disputes, and repair or renovation progress.

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How HappyCo Helped

“M A P Property Management offers the unique combination of being able to offer very personalized service to each owner and being able to manage a property of any size due to our staff and management system,” said David Perschbacher, Director of Marketing. “We have built a solid reputation of honesty, high integrity and professionalism in the property management industry in Southern California.”

An organization that values quality and cleanliness, M A P emphasizes detailed inspections to ensure residence’s indoors and outdoors are up to standard. The second cloud-based inspection service the management service tried, Inspections by HappyCo was an instant hit with MAP for its streamlined, 21st century approach and overall capabilities.


While certainly good for quality assurance, M A P’s inspections required a great deal of time and processing before adopting Inspections by HappyCo. Emphasizing an eight-page form, M A P’s inspectors had to fill out each version by hand, forcing them to rewrite property and tenant information for every inspection.

Additionally, all photos required digital cameras, manual uploading, and formatting into documents. M A P’s paper and mailing bills were also intense, as the organization distributed its results via regular postage.

Offering cloud-based reactivity and a range of tools to boost assessment speed, the Inspections app significantly cut down on inspection and process times.

In particular, the platform’s benefits include:
Customizable inspection sheets with unlimited space for notes and comments
Quick access to archives
Remote processing, validation, and manager input
Email distribution to tenants and owners

“We are able to eliminate the amount of paper files we have, saving us time and money. Inspection results can be emailed to the owners, office, and tenant while still at the property.”
David Perschbacher
Director of Marketing


A property management system that specially values its customer and client relationships, M A P Property Management also finds Inspections by HappyCo enhances their total outreach. Most significantly, M A P can now keep tenants and owners better informed about their property and how to maintain it.

“We have been able to give our tenants a thorough move-in inspection report that details with pictures any areas that might have flaws (such as sinks, tubs, carpet),” said David. “By providing this information to the tenants there is no question to the condition of the unit on move-in and it eliminates most discrepancies regarding the condition upon move out.”

Each of these inspections is also completely at the M A P inspection manager’s discretion, something that places HappyCo well above the competition. “With other inspection apps I found that I was forced to fit my inspection to the form,” said David. “And with Happy Inspector I can customize the app to fit our unique inspection requirements.”


M A P enjoys serious gains in productivity and accuracy via the Inspections app. “The app has reduced the time it takes to inspect a property by 80%,” said David. Roughly translated, hours of paperwork now take 20 minutes of processing and distribution.

M A P is also now easily resolves costly disputes while remaining fair to all parties involved. “In the past tenants would want to dispute the condition of the unit when moving out,” said David. “With Inspections by HappyCo we have documentation for every line item of deficiencies and tenants are very reluctant to argue when we have evidence of damages.”

While certainly effective for major inspections, M A P also finds Inspections by HappyCo ideal for checking curbside appeal, as well referencing upkeep standards to tenants through pictures. “Using Inspections by HappyCo we can provide photographic documentation on every deficient item,” said David.

Critical to avoid costly landscape renovations and maintain property value, landscaping alone can offer a 258% ROI, according to a 2011 study by the HomeGain. Such benefits make all the difference to M A P’s property owners, tenants, and professional reputation.

"The app is customizable to fit our every need. I love editing the various rating groups to meet our specific requirements.”
David Perschbacher
Director of Marketing

The Road to Success

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  • Processing eight page inspection sheets by hand
  • Delayed correspondence due to postage system
  • Disputes with tenants over state of property upon move-out
  • Coordinating archives for review
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  • HappyCo’s custom inspection sheet maker
  • The Inspections' app integration with built-in tablet and smart phone cameras
  • HappyCo’s email update system
  • Easier dispute resolution with tenants
  • 80% reduction for inspection time and processing
  • More reactive customer support

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