Why Business Intelligence Matters to Restaurants

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All restaurant executives struggle to prioritize the most critical issues to address that will have the greatest impact, as at any given moment there are literally hundreds of initiatives that need improvement — from service time to food quality to facility conditions. A good BI tool empowers managers and owners to narrow their focus and implement the most wide-reaching company initiatives that will effectively move the needle and increase revenues, profitability and customer satisfaction globally across their business.

So what is BI and how can it give you the visibility you need to address issues immediately before they become negative customer reviews?

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Find out in this piece published in Modern Restaurant Management. Download the PDF!!

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About the author


Ben Chadwell
Marketing Manager

Ben hails from the gentle, rolling hills of Pennsylvania, where he achieved a BA in a degree program of his own design - a combo of Conservation Biology, Spanish and International Business - at West Chester University. He brings his background in nonprofit development and writing to the transformative work of HappyCo and especially enjoys crafting thought leadership pieces. When he isn’t creating content and collateral, Ben delights in reading, doing improv theatre and blues dancing.

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