Minimizing Bad Buzz and Improving Ops with BI

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With Happy BI, a business intelligence solution, senior managers can compare real-time data from multiple locations to spot key trends and broader issues. This allows hospitality executives to implement a range of enhancements to operations from better staff-customer interactions to more effective employee communications to better cleanliness and restaurant appearance.

Fun Eats and Drinks, LLC, a Dallas-based business with more than 80 bar and restaurant locations, cut customer complaints by more than 50%, improved internal shopper scores 7.1%, and increased restaurant cleanliness by more than 3% in under one month.

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Learn how in this Hospitality Technology piece by Ryan Vann, Fun Eats’s EVP of Operations & Services. Download the PDF!

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Jennifer Tyson
VP of Marketing

Jennifer Tyson is a seasoned marketing professional with more than 15 years experience at leading Silicon Valley companies and startups. During a decade at Apple, Jennifer launched three generations of Apple Internet services including the blockbuster iCloud 1.0 launch in 2011. iCloud became the fastest growing Internet service of its time acquiring 45 million users within the first 30 days and over 300 million in less than two years. In December 2015, Jennifer joined HappyCo leading marketing. Jennifer holds an MBA from Dominican University of California and a BA from the University of California Santa Cruz.

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