Tomorrow! Meet HappyCo at Franchise Leadership & Development Conference — Booth 23


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Drop by Booth 23 tomorrow and Thursday (Sept. 28, 29) at the 2016 Franchise Leadership & Development Conference in Atlanta to chat with HappyCo Founder & CEO, Jindou Lee and Sean Weldon, our Director of Business Development, about actualizing the outstanding on-brand operations you strive for — like increasing your global brand compliance by 46%, reducing customer complaints by 50% and raising your net promoter score by 80%. Plus, get one of our sought-after t-shirts so you can return home in style!

If driving significantly improved performance across your brand sounds enticing to you, you aren’t alone. Multi-unit enterprises from hospitality to real estate turn to HappyCo to transform their manual inspection workflows to real-time, mobile auditing. We help franchisors track quality assurance, boost guest satisfaction and adapt to government regulations with real-time visibility so they can monitor their brands from anywhere. We look forward to meeting you at Booth 23!

Cool stuff on tap at FLDC:

Keynotes from Rich Karlgaard, Publisher for Forbes, Author & Economic & Business Innovation Thought Leader and Seth Mattison, Workforce Strategist and Management Trendspotter

CEO & President Summit with an emphasis on Transformative Disruption that will accelerate your thinking and fuel the best outcomes for your franchise system

• International Franchise Association (IFA) Management and Compliance Program on cultivating a culture of compliance for vibrant companies — offers 300 CFE education credits!

Geo-Targeting for Franchisee Recruitment session providing guidance for customer research, campaign development and execution that supports your growth initiatives in specific target markets.

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And that's just the beginning. See you soon!

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Ben Chadwell
Marketing Manager

Ben hails from the gentle, rolling hills of Pennsylvania, where he achieved a BA in a degree program of his own design - a combo of Conservation Biology, Spanish and International Business - at West Chester University. He brings his background in nonprofit development and writing to the transformative work of HappyCo and especially enjoys crafting thought leadership pieces. When he isn’t creating content and collateral, Ben delights in reading, doing improv theatre and blues dancing.

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Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

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