A Happier Inspector—Upcoming Additions and Fixes

Product Updates

Here at HappyCo, we are always busy listening to customer feedback and engineering new ways to improve Happy Inspector based on the feedback we get. We are happy to announce that there are some BIG changes in the works.

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Happy Inspector for Android is in beta as we type! We are very excited to be getting Inspector into the hands of people using Android devices. This version has the same look and feel as the iOS version, and is currently being tested by about 30 customers who have requested an Android version in the past. Everything has been going smoothly with the beta version, and we will have it out for all users to choose the device of their liking soon.

Faster Indexing! Long indexing times can be a real pain, and we’ve been working hard to lessen that pain by getting your device set up faster and you inspecting more quickly. With our next release, 3.7.1 on iOS, indexing time has been reduced significantly, even for our customers with large amounts of data.

Changes to default settings! We started to realize that some of the default settings that we shipped Happy Inspector with were not very apparent to our users. After much feedback, we have changed some of our defaults to better suit the out-of-the-box needs of our users, which will appear in our 3.7.1 release. Use Cellular Data will be automatically turned on, so that when inspecting from your iPhone, Inspector will continue working even when not on WiFi. Edit Templates will also be automatically set to on, to reduce confusion over not being able to edit a template right away.

Scoring! With our planned 3.8 iOS update, you will have the ability to add numerical values to items and their rankings. After generating a report, these values will be calculated into individual item scores, section scores, and an asset a whole score. Furthermore, the numerical value can be set to appear as a monetary value, so for example, upon completing a move-out inspection, a tenant’s deposit - charges can be included right in the report. Here is a short video to give you a preview of what scoring will be like.

Customizable Assets! Happy Inspector is used for much more than just property management, and not all assets are properties or units. This is why we are in the beginning stages of developing a customizable assets feature, so that you can name your assets to fit your needs. Common other asset types we’ve been asked for are rooms, vehicles, equipment and machinery, and even people, for completing employee assessments.

The HappyCo Template Library! Working at HappyCo, we know how many use cases there are for Happy Inspector, but we’ve noticed that not all of these use cases come to the mind of our users. We are happy to release our template library so that you can not only see all of the different templates we have created for Happy Inspector, but download them for FREE!

If you have any questions or comments, we are always happy to hear your feedback via chat or email. Happy Inspecting!

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About the author


Brittney Hodson
Software Engineer

Brittney is the newest member of the San Francisco HappyCo Engineering team. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in English Literature before switching gears and attending Dev Bootcamp where she learned to code and develop web apps. Since her start in July 2015, she has blended both of her backgrounds by working extensively on developing the HappyCo website, building out the internal admin app for the Customer Success team, and maintaining the Happy Thoughts blog.

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