6 Mobile Apps Every Property Manager Should Know About

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Property management pros, residents and even future tenants are relying on mobile technology more now than ever before. If your property management business is not utilizing the latest mobile apps, they may move on to a company that is. Having access to mobile apps does not just help you attract more clients - it helps your company operate, manage and most importantly, save time and money.

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Top Mobile Apps Your Company Should be Using

While there are an abundance of mobile apps out there designed to help property managers, these nine are the most efficient and give your business a more competitive edge:

Zillow’s Postlets - Most property managers are familiar with Postlets, but did you know that Zillow offers a mobile app to manage and create your Postlets on the go?

Rent Tracker - Download this app to your iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows PC device. The app lets you enter tenant information, contractors, buildings and owners. Tenants can then enter their payment and receive their receipts via email as well.

Journal of Property Management (IREM) - This bi-monthly publication is produced by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). It’ll help you continue to hone your property management skills with pragmatic advice on “maintenance, sustainability and overall management practices for real estate managers.”

HelloSign - This app allows property managers to collect digital signatures regardless of where they are. It gives managers more accessibility to documents and they can even email a digital copy with signature to the signee - such as a tenant, vendor or even a client.

IFTTT - This is a great, multi-purpose app that will allow you set up recipes to make your hectic life a little easier. You can set up custom notifications based on your daily life. Set it up to send you a rain notification (bring an umbrella on today’s afternoon property tours!) or to log all of your inbound SMS messages to a spreadsheet so you can search through them later.

And a bonus app! - Of course we couldn’t not mention our own solution… Happy Inspector - HappyCo takes your field inspections from paperbound to paperless. Our premium mobile and web applications digitize your inspections process so you can have greater visibility into your business and your team can focus on work that makes your customers happy. Our apps are available for desktop/browser, iPhone and iPad devices.

Mobile apps are the wave of the future for property managers. Whether your company specializes in single-family residences or multi-family buildings, having the right technology at your fingertips can make you more efficient and profitable.

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Kathleen Smith
VP of Marketing (2015)

Kathleen Smith was the VP of Marketing at HappyCo in 2015. She attended Stetson University where she studied Communications, Marketing, and Digital Arts. While at HappyCo, Kathleen started the Happy Thoughts blog and advocated for more resources such as the eBook "A Property Manager's Ultimate Guide to Technology."

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