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Happy Inspector is the leading mobile app for property inspections combining a simple, delightful interface with best-in-class performance, customization and compliance features.

Inspect anything

Best-in-class UI & UX

Multifamily Template Library

In-field form editing

Multiple item attributes

Flexible layouts & ratings

Required items, photos, notes  Pro

Scoring for quality benchmarking

Flexible per-property item charges  Pro

Inspector & resident e-signatures

Industry-leading sync engine

Resident Inspections  Pro

Report Options

Gain Your Competitive Edge with Industry-Leading Templates

HappyCo’s industry-leading Template Library powers the best-built inspection forms for property management with customization features to fit your business — from MIMOs, preventative maintenance, quarterly inspections and more.

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Move In/Out Inspection
Preventative Maintenance Inspection
Quarterly/Annual Inspection

Move-In/Move-Out Inspections

Pre-Turn/Make-Ready Checks

Annual Apartment Inspections

Preventative Maintenance

Periodic/Quality Inspections

Safety/Regulatory Inspections

Common Area Checks

Pool/Hot Tub/Gym Inspections

Landscaping/Grounds Inspections

Interior/Exterior Lighting Checks

Security System & Cameras Checks

Incident Reports

Property Logs (Water Leak, Snow)

Due Diligence/Lease File Audits

Construction/Rehabs Inspections

Flexible Forms, Tap & Snap Photos & More for Phenomenal UX

With its delightful UI, flexible form layouts and ratings, quick photos feature and more, Happy Inspector puts the “Happy” into property inspections.

Tap & Snap
& Snaptext
Form Editing
Multiple Item
More Info &
Preset Values

Resident Inspections for Safer Operations Pro

Put unit inspections into the hands of your residents for improved safety, efficiency and ongoing visibility into unit conditions.

Resident Inspections

Resident Emails

Email residents an inspection to perform from Happy Manage — for move-ins, pre move-outs, annual unit inspections, fire safety and more.

Inspection Forms

Entirely web-based, Resident Inspections can be performed from any browser — so residents don’t need to download an app or create a new user identity.

Resident Signatures & Reports

Ensure inspections are legally compliant by requiring residents digitally sign — time-stamped signatures are automatically added to inspection reports.

Integrates with your PMS

Our partner integrations mean you can have the best real-time operations solution without sacrificing the simplicity of a single platform. And with our Happy API, you can connect to any of your enterprise applications.

Property Compliance Checks for Quality, Safety & Policy

With our compliance features, maintain quality standards across your operations and identify maintenance, safety and regulatory issues before they become costly repairs or lawsuits.

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With Scoring on regional manager site walks, your team can benchmark property performance against the portfolio and over time for common area conditions, amenities upkeep and more. Scores can also be used to estimate per-item costs for maintenance or capital improvements.

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Required Items  Pro

Require specific inspection items to be rated to ensure you capture the unit or property condition and compliance profile for fire safety, lighting, moisture assessment and more.

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Digital Signatures

Residents or inspectors can authorize inspections using time-stamped digital signatures. Unlike competing products, our signatures feature complies with the ESIGN Act — residents review and sign the inspection report, and reports can’t be altered once signed.

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Required Photos & Notes  Pro

By requiring photos and notes on specific ratings, you can improve data quality by consistently capturing visual documentation or further information on key items like appliances, meters, and serial numbers. And time-stamped photos are your best defense against disputes and claims.

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Custom Scores  Pro

The Custom Scores feature is an inspection setting that allows your property staff to overwrite a standard charge for items set at the corporate or regional level in a template. For example, during a pre move-out inspection, when your staff selects a chargeable rating, they can simply review and confirm the amount or modify it when factors such as the extent of damage, or local prices for labor and materials do not match the predefined charge.

This helps better set resident expectations for damage charges when they receive their SODA / Final Account Statement and decreases the likelihood that the charge will be disputed. Flexibility is key, so like Happy Inspector’s other features, custom scores can be set on a per-item basis.

Faster Inspecting with High-Performance Apps & Sync

Happy Inspector is a fully native mobile app with the industry-leading sync engine and best-in-breed performance, for faster and happier inspectors.

Offline Reliability

Offline Reliability

With offline form functionality and superb sync reliability, your team can perform inspections without access to cellular data or WiFi. Once back online, inspection data and photos upload automatically to the cloud without user action.

Cross Platform

Cross Platform Performance

Available on Apple mobile devices and Android tablets and smartphones with automatic data upload to the cloud, Happy Inspector has garnered glowing app reviews on both platforms for its fast performance, near zero crashes, and fluid interface.

Auto Backup

Automatic Backup & Drafts

Inspections and reports are automatically backed up to the cloud whenever your device is online, so you never have to worry that losing a device means losing data. And team members can finish a draft on a different device, so a change in guard is never a liability.

Our Happy Customers

Inspection Reports that Exceed Resident Expectations

With a few taps, create visually compelling, professionally branded and easy-to-scan reports directly from your device and wow your residents.

Report Branding

Report Branding

With report branding, you can customize inspection reports per property or for the portfolio, adding your company or property logo, tagline, and company colors.

Report Settings

Report Settings

Happy Inspector reports have the most flexible report settings, so you can generate a report that exactly fits your needs — from displaying photos inline with sections or appended at the end, to hiding or displaying incomplete or skipped items.

Report Layouts

Report Layouts

Select from multiple layouts including landscape or portrait, and use our Inspection Comparison Report to display a previous and current report, like Move-In to Move-Out.

PDF Reports

PDF Reports

Inspection reports are created as PDFs and stored at the unit or property level in Happy Manage or in your Dropbox account. It’s easy to share reports by emailing a web link, or download reports in a single click from the web.

Share Reports

Easy Create & Share

Reports are easily generated in the field and can be immediately sent to the property manager for review to ensure no charges have been missed or overstated. Just as easily, inspection reports can be emailed to residents right from the app.

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Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

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Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

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Get access to this and all HappyCo insights from our industry experts

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