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Insights puts powerful business intelligence within reach. Make the most of HappyCo’s best-in-class multifamily performance reporting tool with rich visualizations, digestible data, and analytics that help you see the road ahead.

Get smarter intelligence

Powered by the world-class Looker platform for business intelligence, we’re providing instantaneous insights for your entire multifamily portfolio — helping you acquire, own, and manage smarter.

Achieve instant intelligence

Easy-to-Use Interface
Wherever you’re coming from, get started instantly, with no programming or SQL knowledge required.

Industry-Leading Dashboards
Our out-of-the-box dashboards help you learn from the past to better inform the future, with easy access to the insights that drive greater value.

Operations Unlocked
Monitor the smallest detail or biggest picture of your operations, with live snapshots of inspections completed, damages reported, and tasks unfinished, so you can help your team perform better.

Take control of your data

You don’t need coding knowledge to see what’s in front of you. HappyCo's multifamily analytics provide powerful visualizations, filters, and pivot tables help you understand the story your data is telling, so you can analyze performance by property, unit, item, time period, and more.

When trends catch your eye, zoom in to item-level analytics to fully understand lifetime and replacement costs for appliances, furniture, equipment, and more — so you’re in control of your portfolio’s budget.

Unparalleled visibility

Get real-time multifamily performance reporting for every aspect of your day-to-day operations. Drill down into individual units or take a step back to view a complete picture of portfolio costs, product adoption, item conditions, and staff compliance across every property you manage. Schedule and share reports customized for corporate managers, owners, or your entire team — so everyone knows what they’re accountable for.

Pictures worth a thousand words

Insights lets you attach photo data to any report, allowing you to convey the power of onsite visibility without onsite visits. Safeguard your compliance with time-stamped documentations, and provide rich context for property condition reporting to enable better decision making.


Powerful Visualizations

Use charts, graphs, and other visualizations to move past the numbers to actionable insights.

Industry-Leading Dashboards

You'll get the power of data-driven insights and we'll handle the data science — no SQL required.

Accurate Benchmarks

Easily set performance benchmarks to determine where your operations fall short.

Detailed Item Conditions

View item conditions, useful life, maintenance costs, and more across your entire portfolio.

Schedule and Share Reports

Keep owners, managers, and team members informed with reports tailored to what they need to know.

One-Click Pivots

Data visualizations help you isolate the factors you care most about.

Photo Reporting

Data visualizations help you isolate the factors you care most about.

Answering Service Analytics

Capture emergency maintenance performance and resident satisfaction data with optional Call Complete integration.

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