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CapEx & Renovations Complete project clarity

CapEx & Renovations provides full transparency over your project portfolio. Increased visibility and collaboration help you complete capital projects quickly and reduce vacant unit days.

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Easily connect with your project team

Seamlessly partner with internal and external parties for faster collaboration with automated alerts and checkpoints. No complex setup is required!

Insightful dashboards that turn units faster

Monitor projects as they happen, whether you’re onsite or remote, so you can complete unit renovations quickly.

Effortless approvals

CapEx & Renovations allows you to create simple authorization workflows so you know what is happening with each project in the portfolio.

Achieve consistent results

Tailored dashboards make it easy to track key metrics and see how teams and properties are performing.


Insightful Data

Customizable project tags measure important data about the project and clearly communicate the project's story, through reporting, to all stakeholders.

Budget With Ease

Our budgeting feature shows the breakdown of your capital expenditures. View your expenses across the property portfolio and broken down by general ledger (GL) account.

Advanced Dashboards

Make quick informed business decisions using a visual review of your portfolio. Easily monitor capital projects, respond swiftly to changes, and resolve issues.

Easy Setup and Integration

Dramatically reduce the time and effort required to set up and quickly glean the benefits of CapEx & Renovations.

Intuitive Interface

Built for multifamily housing, our easy-to-use interface and industry processes reduce the training and change management burden for your organization.

Alerts and Notifications

Proactively stay informed of your team's progress. No more days and weeks lost because information and updates were missed or forgotten.

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