Due Diligence

Supercharge your acquisition process with streamlined workflows, rich data, and reporting insights that give your teams crystal clear direction.

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Eliminate confusion, increase efficiency, and close your next deal faster.

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Property walk inspections
Lease file audit
Variance flagging
Unit walk inspections
Advanced reporting
Mobile- & web-based apps

Ace every acquisition

Accelerate Inspections
Replace time-consuming processes with super-intuitive workflows that collect accurate data and ensure due diligence runs smoothly.
Collect Richer Data
A dedicated no-entry workflow, enhanced camera zoom functionality, and English/Spanish capabilities capture higher-quality information.
Aggregate Insights
Deliver detailed reporting at the property- and unit-level for more informed business decisions.

"I love HappyCo mainly because of the convenience. Everyone on my team has access to the app on their phones, and it makes inspections so much easier and seamless."

Emily Wanamaker
Emily Wanamaker
Assistant Community Manager
GoldOller Real Estate Investments

“HappyCo Due Diligence makes it much easier to present property and unit issues confidently to the seller,... and there are several cases where we've seen a substantial return.”

Zach Baker
Zach Baker
Senior Manager, Technical Services
Harbor Group Management

Take the uncertainty out of acquisitions with Happy Asset: Due Diligence

Property Walks

Develop a comprehensive understanding of your acquisition.

Monitor audits and projects as they happen, both onsite or remotely
Access insights and help your team adjust their approach
Generate in-depth reports that cover property conditions, costs, and budgeting
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Unit Walks

Drill down and collect accurate unit-level information with ease.

Input data directly into the dedicated mobile app
Sync pre-filled forms and customizable templates across devices
Access valuable features like the no-entry unit workflow
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Lease File Audits

Analyze your target property's leases at both a high-level and a granular level to get answers to your most important questions.

Compare rent roll and lease information
Uncover leasing discrepancies
Identify demographic factors that impact potential revenue
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Take due diligence to new heights

Efficient inspections

Conduct property and unit walks faster with camera zoom for high-quality photos and a mobile-first process for inspections.

Unrivaled data integrity

Capture rich, accurate data with inaccessible unit prompts, field variances, and an interface that allows multiple users to work in a single file.

Translate easily

English and Spanish language capabilities make it quicker to gather actionable data.

Quick, customizable set-up

Import rent roll data from any PMS to establish resident data and unit floor plans, reducing your team's onsite inspection time.

Advanced reporting

Out-of-the box reports help you dazzle owners with accurate budgeting and deep insight into property conditions so you can skip the “what” and move straight to “why.”

Real-time visibility

With the unified dashboard, watch as audit results populate in real time. Access insights and help your team adjust their approach.

Supercharge your PMS with integrated HappyCo products

Happy Asset seamlessly integrates with leading property management systems to help streamline your onsite workflows.

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Happy Asset: Due Diligence
will be your best friend during acquisitions.

Gain confidence and visibility into property conditions with the full Happy Asset suite.