CapEx & Renovations

A single source of truth for your assets! Accelerate team collaboration and project transparency with tools that rev up your portfolio performance.

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Everything you need to empower your asset managers and inform your executives.

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Proforma & budgets
Fixed asset tracking
Inspections & approval workflows
Renovation planning & tracking
Vendor communication
Portfolio reporting

Achieve peak performance with effortless collaboration

Increase Portfolio Transparency
Get a centralized view into project and budget data so you can make insightful decisions to boost portfolio performance.
Quicker Renovations
Manage uber-efficient projects and reduce vacant unit days with seamless communication, approvals, and automated workflows.
Collaborate with Ease
Invite internal and external team members to your projects, keeping stakeholders aligned with conversation history and alerts.

"I love HappyCo mainly because of the convenience. Everyone on my team has access to the app on their phones, and it makes inspections so much easier and seamless."

Emily Wanamaker
Emily Wanamaker
Assistant Community Manager
GoldOller Real Estate Investments

“It’s this detailed level of unit data that allows us to specify with a high degree of certainty where we should invest our renovation dollars and how much we need to invest.”

Briant Carcamo
Briant Carcamo
Business Operations Manager
Steadfast Management

Centralize asset management with Happy Asset: CapEx & Renovations

Capital Improvements

Track and deliver on-time capital projects like a pro.

Set approval workflows and invite collaborators
Tailor dashboards to track key metrics and property performance
Stay on top of every detail, down to the unit level
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Business Planning

Create accurate budgets and sharper forecasts.

Track project performance against proforma budgets
Build robust renovation plans with a few clicks
Replace messy spreadsheets with intuitive automations
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Elevate your asset’s performance

Insightful data

Dashboards provide a holistic view of your portfolio, tailored to your team's needs, so you can evaluate all your projects' status in one, central place.

Simplify your budgets

Manage capital projects and renovations against proforma budgets—all the way down to the general ledger (GL) account level.

Pre-plan renovations

With a few clicks, connect and convert unit walk data into actionable projects, including anticipated costs.

Workflows and alerts

Pre-set approval workflows and invite collaborators both inside and outside of your organization, eliminating miscommunication and process bottlenecks.

Real-time visibility

View and store unit-level details, invoices, and vendor quotes to quickly determine how you're tracking to budget.

Asset & maintenance schedules

Stay on top of essential preventative inspections with automated reminders and scheduling.

Supercharge your PMS with integrated HappyCo products

Happy Asset seamlessly integrates with leading property management systems to help streamline your onsite workflows.

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Happy Asset: CapEx & Renovations
provides complete portfolio clarity.

Make acquisitions, capital projects, disposition, and everyday management a breeze with the complete Happy Asset suite.