HappyCo Transforms Lease File Audits With New Audit and Reporting Application

New software solution helps Multifamily managers and owners easily analyze lease information to protect their investments

SAN FRANCISCO (December 12, 2017) – HappyCo, the leading software provider for real-time property operations, announced today the availability of Lease File Audit, a new web and mobile-optimized application that improves the speed and reliability of lease file audits (LFAs) through automated reporting, tailored forms and fields, and a user-friendly design that reduces errors. The Lease File Audit reporting tools also automatically track variances to help buyers and managers better identify revenue risks and opportunities.

"What impressed us immediately about the HappyCo Lease File Audit solution was the simplicity of the workflow," said Anthony Magnelli, Vice President of Asset Management and Business Development at Campus First, a boutique development and management firm dedicated to reinventing the student housing experience. "The platform is very straightforward to use and our staff had no trouble learning how to use it quickly, despite having had no prior exposure to it. Just as valuable to us has been the ability to make changes to forms on the fly. HappyCo was able to add fields for Campus First on the day of the lease file audit in less than two hours. All told, the agility of the platform and the high quality of support have left us extremely satisfied with the HappyCo solution."

HappyCo also introduced its Due Diligence Report Package, which transforms LFA and unit walk data into a professionally designed, branded PDF report, packaged along with key demographic and market data. Together, these new tools form a valuable companion to HappyCo’s Due Diligence Module, a suite of flexible, easy-to-use software tools for unit walk inspections and reporting that help buyers quickly assess property and unit conditions to aid the budgeting and bidding process.

"We are excited to continue to deliver delightful business software that drives greater operational efficiencies and revenue improvements for our customers," said HappyCo CEO Jindou Lee. "The feedback we’ve received so far has been extremely positive, particularly in terms of the ease of use and the speed with which forms can be modified. We are confident that property owners and managers will find our Lease File Audit just as valuable to their businesses as our other industry-leading software solutions."

Learn more about the HappyCo Lease File Audit here.

About HappyCo

HappyCo (happy.co) is a San Francisco-based software company that builds mobile and cloud solutions to enable real-time property operations. Its Happy Inspector product has 2.2M units on its platform and has captured more than 175 million photos. The company was founded in 2011 and is privately held.

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Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

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