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Lease File Audit
Helping you look before you leap

Deliver unparalleled diligence with a real picture of what's on your target property's leases. This easy-to-use web app lets you compare rent roll and lease information in a flash, uncover discrepancies, and identify demographic factors that impact your potential revenue.

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Information when you need it

Your time onsite is valuable. Make the most of it with tools that help you rapidly adapt to account for late-breaking information, make critical adjustments, and capture every detail. Customizable audit forms can be edited at any point in the diligence process to match how your team’s working. Rapid sync across mobile and desktop devices and our reliable offline mode means that your workflow never skips a beat.

Give your team a head start

When your team’s working hard to deliver the details, help reduce their load with tools that seamlessly import rent roll information from leading PMS providers. Use automatic field validations, easy overwriting, and incomplete notifications to ensure work is always error-free, and reduce headache and hassle by allowing multiple users to work in a single file.

Enabling actionable insights

Empower owners to make smarter offers with instant intelligence that fuels stronger negotiations. Advanced Data Reporting helps you generate and share an in-depth and actionable look into unit conditions, unit costs and budgeting, and unit details. You'll wow owners with the depth and breadth of your understanding of the target property, making you integral to the future of their acquisition.


Easy Navigation & Search

Quickly refer back to audit items, search for similar terms, and find where you are with speed.

Real-Time Visibility

Our unified dashboard lets you watch as audit results populate in real time.

PMS Integration

Import accurate data from the seller’s PMS software, sparing your team the hassle of data entry.

Error-Free Interface

Pre-filled forms make it easy to confirm or overwrite data.

Field Validations

Automatically check for incorrect dates, mismatched formats, and other common pitfalls.

Incomplete Notifications

Ensure no stone is left unturned with notifications for incomplete forms.

Reliable Offline Mode

Spotty service can’t stop your team’s audits.

Automatic Variance Tracking

Our tools point out variances for you, so you can skip the “what” and move straight to “why.”

Multiple Users

Multiple users can work on the same audit without fear of conflict.

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