Get the best reporting in multifamily and superior operations efficiency by integrating HappyCo data with RealPage’s OneSite® property management system.


Sync your properties, units and their residents

Integration syncs all your properties and units into HappyCo. Your data syncs every day, so you’re always up to date, no matter where you’re looking.

Streamline your inspections

When a resident places a notice to vacate, HappyCo automatically creates a move out inspection. When you’ve found your new tenant, we’ll take care of scheduling their move in inspection. When the job’s done, the inspection report will sync back with RealPage.

Make the most of Make Ready

HappyCo configures your make ready stages to match your workflow, so when you create a vacate date in RealPage, we’ll create a make ready project in HappyCo. If it suits your workflow, we’ll seamlessly turn your project plan into work orders within RealPage.

Keep your team on task

No matter where a work order originates — either from your resident portal or directly in RealPage — you’ll be able to view and manage it in our Tasks dashboard. And because tasks and updates generated in HappyCo will sync back to RealPage, your team will never miss a beat.

Turn inspections into opportunities

When you complete an inspection with us, any unsatisfactory item ratings will automatically turn into tasks. Sync them back to RealPage as a work order, or assign them to the most qualified maintenance tech in Tasks.

Sync your unit data

Integration automatically syncs your unit data from RealPage into Inspections. When you file an inspection report, the relevant property data will sync back with RealPage.

Seamless updates

Changes in Inspections will flow back to RealPage, so you never need to manually input updates.

No service? No problem

If you complete an inspection and lose access to service, we safeguard your data until you regain connectivity, then sync it back with RealPage.

Integration without limits

There’s no limit to the number of users who can use Inspections with RealPage.


Make the switch to happier communities

See how HappyCo can benefit your business with data-driven tools to power up your workflows.

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