Turn your turns around

When time is of the essence, Projects provides the perfect snapshot. This multifamily property management tool gives you powerful visualizations to help plan make ready assignments, identify bottlenecks, and create digital project boards to ensure you’re always moving forward.

A single source for make ready progress

Identify big-picture patterns
Keep a close eye on project stages, uncover bottlenecks that are slowing your team, and jump in to address them.

See what’s underway, and what’s on hold
View each unit’s turn progress in a single unified dashboard to identify what’s on track and what’s behind at a glance.

Monitor your results
Automated reporting lets you see your average turn time by unit, so you can take control of your team’s performance.

See how we’re remaking Make Ready

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Let work orders work for you

Spare your teams the pitfalls of vendor delays, missed deadlines, and time-wasting explanations. With Tasks, get real-time visibility into individual assignments, onsite schedules, and progress — all in one place. Your team can easily attach photos, files, and rich descriptions, and push notifications ensure everyone stays up to date.

See how Maxus reduced unit downtime by 1 day and move-out labor by $900K

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Set the stage with powerful templates

Customizable project stages
Break down your progress to avoid breakdowns. With intuitive customization, you can reorder project stages to match how your team works best.

Quality turns made easy
Automatically trigger inspections and maintenance tasks for each stage of make ready, so you can ensure your standards never slip.

See how GoldOller reduced their unit turn time by 2-3 days

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Keep things on track

Email notifications make knowing what’s next a no-brainer. Seamless sync ensures that you always have the property management information you need at your fingertips, while automatic updates keep track of what’s been started, what’s paused, and what’s completed, so you’re always in command of the details.


Project Templates

Standardize make ready across your entire portfolio.

Easy Navigation

Allow anyone to view and track progress, quickly and easily.

Unified View

A single source of information about turn schedule, progress, and completion.

Progress by Stage

Track vendor performance for greater negotiating power.

Performance at a Glance

Drill down into assignments, completions, and missed dates by team member to easily assess performance and see opportunities for improvement.

Automated Reports

Automatically calculate average unit turn time across each property for an accurate picture of progress.

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