We Value Happy at HappyCo

We authentically believe in building happiness into our products and workplace, and delivering solutions that solve real problems — all of which ultimately translate to very Happy customers.

A Happy Mission

HappyCo builds beautiful mobile and cloud-based applications for smarter business operations. We’re leaders in Mobile Enterprise 3.0, — a new era in enterprise computing that embraces vertical, mobile-first solutions that delight business users and don’t demand a large IT department to run. Our mission at HappyCo is to transform a business’s relationship to operations and its employees’ relationship to work by delivering software that gives executives real-time visibility into operations and empowers employees by engaging their intelligence and making work happier.

Our Culture

Andy Larsen smiling at HappyCo core values meeting

Happiness Culture

People often ask about our company name. Time and again, we hear from our customers that our product makes them “Happy.” Why? Because we transform operational processes, typically conducted with paper forms or in legacy software systems that disregard user experience — and we replace these archaic processes with mobile software that even a technophobe delights in. And our solution offers much more in operations management, transparency and business intelligence that everyone, at every level of the organization, is impacted positively.

And so we take the “Happy” in “HappyCo” seriously, and that brand value permeates every decision we make, every feature we build, every partner we sign. We imbue that quality into our daily culture and our customer and investor relationships, and we gauge our success not only by revenue, but also by that filter. Our vision is a world where everyone can meet their full potential at work, not hampered by workflows that reduce creative energy to redundant tasks, but enable us to thrive at work because we add real value.

HappyCo team discussing core values

Jindou Lee laughing at HappyCo core values meeting

Isaac Mann discussing HappyCo product roadmap

Product Planning

One of the most exciting aspects of working in technology is driving product development. Understanding market needs and creating solutions and new features to meet those needs requires brilliance, creativity and perseverance. In Silicon Valley, product planning typically remains the sole domain of engineers and product managers, the process enveloped in secrecy — sales, marketing and customer support usually sit on the sidelines.

We do things differently here. We firmly believe in engaging multi-stakeholder perspectives. We enlist representatives from each business unit across the company in product planning, and we elicit customer feedback very early in the process to ensure what we’re building is what our customers actually need.


Downtown San Francisco

San Francisco

HappyCo headquarters is located in San Francisco in the historical building at 1000 Van Ness Avenue that currently houses the AMC Theater and Studio Mix gym. Our surrounding neighborhood of Little Saigon delights the palate with lots of inexpensive Asian street food options to more standard fare like deli sandwiches, salads and burgers. We have both a Jane coffee and Philz Coffee nearby. Our location is easily accessible from the Civic Center Bart and several Golden Gate transit bus lines. The San Francisco office houses engineering, marketing, sales and customer success.

Downtown Adelaide


HappyCo in Australia is located in Adelaide, South Australia in the heart of the CBD on Grenfell Street — just a laneway away from the shopping and social hub of the Rundle Mall. Adelaide has some of the best food in the world, including the one-of-a-kind Central Markets, known for the freshest, most diverse produce. South Australia as a region produces world renowned wines including Penfolds, Jacob’s Creek and Yalumba. The Adelaide office houses engineering, marketing, customer success and sales.

Team Fitness

HappyCo team working out with fitness trainer Kirk

As the new adage goes, a work team that works out together stays in sync, collaborative and fit! Lucky for us, we share our building with one of the best gyms in San Francisco, Studio Mix. It offers non-stop classes from early morning to late at night, featuring every class you can imagine. As a HappyCo employee, you have full access to classes as well as to its sauna and steam room — ah, relax!

And every week, the company offers a group crossfit workout with a personal trainer. We like to bond over lunges, pull-ups and pilates matt crunches, and it’s a good reminder that HappyCo values health and exercise, so we put it right in the middle of the work day to remind employees of our “core” values.

Events & Benefits

HappyCo team at Red Rocks outside of Las Vegas


Friday Happy Hours
Most Fridays at 5pm the festivities begin. We like to gather casually, drink some beers and toast the week. It’s time to kick up the feet and crack the jokes.

The bi-annual offsite gatherings bring together the entire company for crafting yearly goals and brainstorming — complete with great eats and good evening outings.

Trade Shows
Key to keeping a pulse on the market and the changing needs of our customers, HappyCo participates in several industry trade shows throughout the year, across the country. Most employees staff at least one event annually.

Hack Week
We come together for a week once a year to identify and execute ideas that can make HappyCo a better place. It’s a time to put down regular work and ideate and do!


It’s hard to beat Happy. But just in case you’re not convinced, we have a great culture with a tight-knit team that believes that Happiness at work is not just a secondary priority. We put building meaningful relationships with each other and our customers, and creating an environment full of humor & laughter very high on the priority list. In addition, we also offer:

  • Rapid professional growth with ample opportunity to accelerate your career
  • Equity compensation
  • Health insurance: medical, dental and vision
  • Unlimited vacation policy, plenty of holidays and ample sick time
  • 401k plan with access to low-cost Vanguard Admiral index funds
  • Gym membership at StudioMix — best classes in SF
  • San Francisco and Adelaide offices are both easily accessible by public transit

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Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

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Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

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Find out how Live Inspections powers real-time data capture of property and unit conditions virtually.

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Get access to this and all HappyCo insights from our industry experts

Learn why HappyCo is the leading mobile inspection platform for real-time Lease File Audits.

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