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From make ready to renovation, multifamily maintenance spans countless tasks. Now is your chance to prioritize effectively, collaborate seamlessly and finally turn chaos into clarity with the unified work order and project management solution multifamily has been missing: Happy Tasks.

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In changing times, it’s more important than ever to keep your multifamily world organized. When techs know what to prioritize and managers have real-time visibility into projects, work truly becomes happier for everybody. And with Happy Tasks, you can do just that — transforming work order complexity to pure workplace clarity.

From adding photos and notes seamlessly to work orders, to time-stamped comments, to better work order prioritization on mobile, your maintenance techs will thank you when you switch to Happy Tasks.

To find out more about the benefits operators experience when they choose Happy Tasks, we spoke with Nick Hecox, Director of Maintenance at Al Angelo.

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Reliable sync is essential: photos and notes sync seamlessly.

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Bye bye, day-crushing data loss! With Happy Tasks, your teams will be spared this all-too-familiar feeling of defeat: completing a work order with perfectly-framed photos and copious notes, and… losing all of that data before it ever reaches the cloud.

That’s right — you can boost your community’s brand knowing techs will never have to knock on the same door twice due to lost information from an inspection. By providing rock-solid offline functionality, Happy Tasks ensures techs can work away on a mobile device or tablet without cellular data or wifi — snapping photos and typing notes — and trust that their efforts will still sync seamlessly to the cloud.

Whereas a previous software choice left techs at Al Angelo finding data would sometimes be wiped from their phones without any warning (let alone successful syncing), Happy Tasks has changed the game for its maintenance teams. “With Happy Tasks, techs no longer see this issue at all and remark that they can’t even tell data is syncing in the background. I love that it happens automatically, because nobody has to remember to push a sync button that way.”

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Time-stamped comments? A compliance game-changer.

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While you’re free from sync worries, why not rewrite the rulebook on inspection comments? Happy Tasks is your chance to take the reins and make comments matter. We understand you’ve had the most reasonable expectations in mind all this time: wanting notes that are easy to draft, obvious to search and linked to the time and place in which they were taken.

Yet, for all these years, large text boxes have disappointed on each front. First, clunky visual fields make it difficult to understand the order and results of repeat visits to a unit — especially when mold or another complicated repair is at stake. Worse yet, comment fields requiring manual entries of time, date and initials by techs fail to hold up as evidence in compliance cases.

What, then, is multifamily’s answer to note-taking trouble?

Crystal-clear, time-stamped comments. Happy Tasks automatically timestamps each comment added for a given task appending the commenter’s name, whether a work order requires a single visit or multiple. Nick says he’s very pleased with the results. “Honestly, this has made the process with mold and other tricky issues operators face so much easier — it’s rock-solid in case of litigation.”

He’s also grateful that adoption has been a breeze. “I’ve found that the comment feature is so easy for techs to use because we’re all so familiar with social media apps. These days, leaving a comment just feels like second nature.”

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Transforming maintenance workflow: with user-friendly lists.

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Fixing leaky sinks, checking fire extinguishers, tackling infrastructure projects — we get that techs sometimes have a whirlwind of a day…every day. So, what do your crews need when they’re facing a tornado of tasks? A powerful organizational scheme — one list to rule them all.

Techs can now view a user-friendly list of every task to complete at a specific property — even gauging site needs by category, such as “Doors & Locks” or “Electrical & Lighting” — as well as understanding the priority level from the get-go (“Urgent” or otherwise).

At Al Angelo, Nick says his team’s workflow has improved considerably with the Task List in the Happy Tasks mobile app, as there are no more doubts about where to be, when. In Nick’s opinion, “It helps the maintenance crews see the direct benefit to them. That means they’ll be authentically buying in to the idea of the software — not feeling that some new technology has been forced on them.”

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Every work order in one system? Rock-solid integrations.

Struggling to monitor work orders across a range of property management systems? Happy Tasks integrates with all key work order systems, importing cross-platform tasks into one crystal-clear list, so the most urgent issues are fixed first — critical when maintenance teams serve multiple properties using different property management systems.

Organizing maintenance tasks across systems doesn’t just ensure resident needs are met quickly; it also offers unprecedented transparency, empowering management to view maintenance performance across the entire portfolio, regardless of property management system used.

Nick says Al Angelo intends to use Tasks primarily as its user interface for project management. However, he’s glad to have seamless integrations at his fingertips. “The fact that Tasks syncs so well with RealPage Facilities, putting all that property data in one system — that’ll be key in the case of a property sale. I love, too, that the integrations are very hands-off. We haven’t had to adjust anything once they were turned on for our properties.”

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The matrix that turn has been missing? Yours.

make ready

One turn board with all of the answers? That’s right, you can turn the tide… of turn! Using the Happy Tasks Make Ready projects, you can view every unit’s turn progress in one enviable glance — from paint and appliances to countertops and flooring, with each stage of turn featuring status updates and color coded for “Scheduled,” “In Progress” “On Hold” or, ideally, “Completed.”

Even better, you and your teams can benefit from automatically calculated metrics — ensuring real-time visibility of work progress at every property you’re monitoring. From the number of units in progress to average turn time per property, you’ll have the data you need to tweak what’s not working (and celebrate what is).

As Nick sees it, “the big value of the Make Ready feature is transparency. Anyone can see scheduling status, completed status, the color coding and dates — that gives us a very clear picture of the turn process for every unit.” Nick feels that boost in transparency will spell an even better handle on quality control across properties. “Our top focus is delivering a high-quality product, and this tool is the open book we need for that. Everyone can see what’s happening on one board, allowing them to ask the right questions about the schedule so that we can make sure we don’t forget anything.”

All told, Nick says he feels Tasks will allow maintenance teams to be both collaborative and nimble — able to respond effectively in changing times. The COVID-19 outbreak is no exception. Al Angelo has only been responding to urgent maintenance needs in order to keep staff and residents safe. However, Nick feels Tasks will ensure his crews are “on a good path” when state and local restrictions loosen.

Nick feels the Tasks List will prove clutch. “It’s so important that we’re able to look and see when the task was created, as well as any communications surrounding the issue. So, when the day comes post-outbreak that we’re back to maintenance as normal, we’ll have a thorough history of resident needs. That’s gonna be vital.”

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