What HappyCo's Happy Property: Maintenance Software Can Do For Your Teams

What HappyCo's Happy Property: Maintenance Software Can Do For Your Teams
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3 Benefits You’ll Reap from Our Happy Property: Maintenance Enhancements

1. Faster Unit Turns

For property managers, unit turns are often associated with dread—it’s a time-consuming ordeal that can leave your revenue streams in jeopardy, especially if unexpected delays crop up.

Since HappyCo was founded in 2011, our #1 goal has been to improve the multifamily inspection process. Throughout our years-long collaboration with leading Property Management Companies (PMCs), we’ve baked property managers’ priorities into continuously improving our inspection software.

The new Happy Property: Maintenance app takes our inspection and work order innovation one step further—allowing your onsite teams to optimize their workdays. Imagine streamlined inspections, instant work order creation, and real-time progress tracking. Plus, the vendor management feature helps you communicate with third-party vendors with the click of a button.

With the new Maintenance app, you can bid farewell to sluggish unit turns and hello to increased net operating income (NOI).

2. Streamlined Processes

Large PMCs often suffer from disparate processes—no two properties are doing things the same way—which can cause utter chaos and frustration. The answer? Implement a powerful maintenance tool like Happy Property: Maintenance to standardize processes across all your properties. Finally, every property in your portfolio will be singing in harmony, optimizing your management practices and boosting overall performance.

3. An Easier Day Job

Is your team drowning in a sea of scattered documents and incident reports? Look no further than the Document and Incident Management features offered in Happy Property: Maintenance. In them, you’ll find a centralized hub for storing vital property and incident data, offering your teams a more structured way to manage their work. No more hunting for that elusive piece of paper or struggling to recall crucial details—everything you need is at your fingertips.

Dig Deeper: What Improvements Did We Make to Happy Property: Maintenance?

1. Our Consolidated Maintenance App

Gone are the days of toggling between multiple platforms and systems. With our consolidated maintenance app, you'll have one comprehensive tool at your disposal, allowing you to manage inspections, work orders, and team communication in one place. 

The new app, which features an improved UI and simplified maintenance workflows, also includes:

  • Spanish language translation
  • Work order time tracking
  • Inspection scheduling
  • Inspection assignments
2. Vendor Management Feature

Tired of playing phone tag with third-party vendors? Our vendor management feature allows you to track, communicate, and collaborate seamlessly with external vendors, making working with them as easy as clicking a button.

Quickly assign vendors, supply all relevant work details, and manage external relationships—significantly increasing onsite productivity and ushering in a new era of vendor collaboration.

3. Document Management Feature

Most of your day should not be spent keeping track of essential property information that’s impossible to find.

With Document Management, all your documents are conveniently located in one place, organized according to how your properties are mapped. Plus, you can set reminders for important dates so you never miss a deadline again.

4. Incident Management Feature

Incidents happen, and while you can’t always control them, you can control your response.

Happy Property’s Incident Management feature centralizes incident reporting, so you can quickly capture incident details, streamline insurance claims, and mitigate risk—allowing you to maintain a safe and secure environment for your residents.

Say So Long to Property Management Struggles with Happy Property: Maintenance

Your maintenance and property management team’s primary job is to provide a top-notch resident experience, but they can’t do it alone. They need tools to help them improve and optimize how they manage maintenance daily. Luckily, HappyCo is here to help solve your most common (and maddening!) problems.

Our recent Happy Property: Maintenance feature releases are designed to empower your team with the tools and functionality needed to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and drive success. We’re committed to continuously improving our products based on customer feedback and industry needs so you can excel in today's competitive property management landscape.

Is property maintenance a headache for you to manage? If so, why are you sticking by your current, tedious processes?

In the fast-paced world of property management, the efficiency and effectiveness of your maintenance processes can make or break your bottom line. Your maintenance teams work tirelessly to ensure that your communities are well-maintained and that your residents’ concerns are heard, addressed, and solved promptly.

Unfortunately, outdated, convoluted processes often hold maintenance teams back. That’s why HappyCo is so committed to continually upping our maintenance game. Enter: The newest features in Happy Property: Maintenance.

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