Introducing HappyCo Q4 product releases

Bridging gaps, boosting efficiency

How do you get teams on the same page when so much is changing in multifamily operations? With solutions that help create alignment and boost efficiency better than ever before. Introducing: HappyCo’s Q4 product lineup!

How do you get teams on the same page when so much is changing in multifamily operations? With solutions that help create alignment and boost efficiency better than ever before. Introducing: HappyCo’s Q4 product lineup!

Introducing HappyCo Q4 product releases
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How do you get teams on the same page when so much is changing in multifamily operations? With solutions that help create alignment and boost efficiency better than ever before. Introducing: HappyCo’s Q4 product lineup!

We know things are changing constantly for multifamily teams, and we’re here to support them! From the login experience to templates and reports, we’ve made improvements that span your entire HappyCo workflow. Here’s how our new features work and why they’ll help ease operations in uncertain times.

Business-wide inspection templates

You’ve perfected an inspection template and now want it shared to properties across your portfolio-wide? Or, just with certain communities? Admins can now set the agenda seamlessly with our new feature, business-wide inspection templates.

How it works:

  • Now, Admins can take even more ownership of their templates by choosing from a range of new sharing options: Not shared, All properties, or Specific properties. Whether your communities require a fresh template or edits to a pre-existing one, these new sharing possibilities ensure the updates apply instantly, exactly where they’re needed.
  • The Configure Outlines option also adds a nice dose of flexibility, letting admins add, remove, or edit outlines for all properties at the same time.

How it helps:

  • Multifamily teams save time and boost efficiency when they can create and edit templates through this automated approach. Leaders have peace of mind trusting property data is standardized; onsite crews have clear directives to gather the info that matters most.

Business-wide report styles

First things first: we’re swapping “report presets” for “report styles” to make sure the name makes sense immediately to HappyCo users! From there, expect an easier workflow than ever before — thanks to new sharing options quite similar to business-wide inspection templates.

How it works:

  • Styles are now created, edited and shared in Manage by account Admins. They can simply log in to HappyCo and click on Report Styles under the settings tab.
  • While creating and editing styles, Admins can leverage pre-populated information about the property (such as name and logo), as well as select from new sharing options — Not shared, All properties (All folders for single-family users), or Specific properties.
  • A sleek new sidebar lets you preview a style’s end result in real-time as you make changes.
  • The chance to pinpoint exact brand colors is yours, too, with a new update that allows users to enter the precise color code.

How it helps:

  • Teams avoid any inconsistencies that can arise from manually duplicating styles, saving time and improving efficiency.
  • These enhancements give leaders more control over report styles to meet brand and operational standards.

Web inspection editing in Manage

Inspecting through the web is now better than ever — thanks to a range of updates in Manage. From completing required fields to duplicating unit sections, web inspections now boast the same intuitive user experience as their mobile counterparts! Here’s what’s possible.

How it works:

  • Inspection Editor has a polished new look, and you can start making edits to an inspection right after you click on it (no more Edit button!).
  • All changes to an inspection will immediately be saved.
  • Inspections cannot be completed without all required fields being entered.
  • Starting an inspection from the web is now as easy as clicking Start Inspection.
  • Live Inspections performed in Manage now include scoring.
  • Inspection sections can be duplicated or deleted with a simple click on the menu.
  • A right sidebar is now your destination to change inspection attributes — from due date to assigned team member.

How it helps:

  • These updates bring the web experience inline with mobile: offering users an inviting interface to start, edit, and complete inspections with ease.
  • Now that required fields are mandatory when editing inspections on the web, managers can be sure that the data they value most will be gathered!

Seamlessly create tasks from inspections

When something needs fixing, getting help should be a breeze! We had just this sentiment in mind with our latest update to creating work orders from inspections. Now, tasks and work orders can be created from any rating type — configurable so that a “needs repair” or “damaged” rating automatically creates a work order or task. Here’s the full scoop.

How it works:

  • When editing a rating type within Manage, non-Tasks administrators will now see a new option called Create Work Order. It lets them link a work order request to a specific checkbox style rating, or to connect a work order request to a certain radio style value, such as “unacceptable.”
  • Tasks customers have these new rating-work order options as well; they’ll see a new Create Task option when editing an inspection template.

How it helps:

  • With specific ratings now tied directly to work order requests, maintenance teams save a step during inspections as they no longer need to indicate separately that an item requires followup.
  • In the case of resident-led inspections, property managers reviewing data now have the reassurance that issues identified automatically generate the related work orders in your PMS and task in Tasks. All residents need to do is select a condition rating that requires followup and a work order is automatically created — no follow-up necessary.

New login experience

Last, but certainly not least: an updated login experience that adds a little extra delight to your workday! On the left-hand side of the Manage web login, we’ve warmed up the screen a bit to include some of the ways we define happiness.

Patrick Mann
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Patrick Mann
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Patrick is a Product Owner, driving the direction and expansion of the HappyCo product suite. Previously he founded a digital agency helping build highly engaging digital products for government and enterprise, including first digital driver’s license globally. His work helped set the standard for digital licensing and digital transformation in government. During this process, he further honed his skills in rapid product iteration in heavily regulated and process driven industries. His experience in all areas of product development, including engineering, design, user research and strategy allows him to be adept at developing innovative products, supporting the team from a variety of angles.


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