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The most comprehensive inspection solution for your apartments — for standardizing operations and delivering real-time insights.

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HappyCo’s inspections plans cater to the different needs of our customers and are designed to perfectly fit your goals and budget while delivering a powerful real-time inspections and operations solution. All plans include Happy Inspector and Happy Manage.

Plans start at $499 monthly.

For smaller property portfolios, HappyCo is also available through Buildium, our preferred partner.

Happy Inspector Core

Happy Inspector Pro

Due Diligence

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Live Inspections

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Due Diligence

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Feature Comparison

Core Pro
Happy Inspector
Happy Manage
Users Included Unlimited Unlimited
Inspection Limit Unlimited Unlimited
Resident Inspections
Required Fields
Custom Scores
User Management
Automated User Provisioning
User Roles & Permissions
Standard Integrations
Premium Integrations
Standard API Access
Premium API Access
Reporting & Analytics
Standard Dashboards
Happy Insights* Add On
Online Support
Premium Support* Add On

*Additional costs apply

Add and delete users and reset passwords.

Set permissions for different users and groups to limit access to specific data as well as features available by role.

Allow your property staff to overwrite a standard charge for items set at the corporate or regional level in a template.

Schedule inspections on any future date with custom recurrence intervals of days, weeks, months or years.

Send an inspection to resident to complete using a web-based form.

Require specific photos, ratings, and notes to be mandatory in order for the inspection to be completed.

Automatically provision and deprovision users from identity software.

Assign inspections to specific staff.

Standard includes online storage integrations with Dropbox, and asset import.

Premium includes integrations with Property Management Software systems, including syncing units and properties, streamlining MIMO and logging work orders.

Standard enables your IT team to sync units or properties with HappyCo, build in the ability to schedule inspections, and map inspection report links to your workflow.

Premium enables your IT team to connect to your data warehouse, set up BI dashboards, and query inspection data for automating core processes like MIMO and work orders.

A standard suite of dashboards provides monitoring for property benchmarking, inspection compliance and top cost and issues reporting.

We can deliver comprehensive support solutions customized to your organization.

Features for Rock Solid Property Data

Whether you manage 5 apartment units or 500,000, every plan includes these essentials to capture quality, standardized data.

  • Template Library Extensive forms library across multiple industries.
  • 100% Offline Fully native app; no cellular data or WiFi needed.
  • Customizable Forms Easily adjust a form’s sections, items, ratings and more.
  • Editing Make edits to your forms or inspections — on mobile or the web.
  • Scoring Add scores to quantify conditions & costs.
  • Photos 16 inline per item, time-stamped & auto-captioned.
  • Comments Add inline per item & save to SnapText for common notes.
  • Digital Signatures Authorize inspections with signatures.
  • Save Drafts Save drafts & even have a different inspector finish it later.
  • Reports Create compelling, branded reports right from your device.
  • Anytime Access Retrieve inspections as soon as they’re completed in the field.
  • Instant Dispatch Edit forms in Happy Manage and instantly dispatch them across all users.
  • Automatic Backup Inspections & reports are automatically backed up whenever your device is online, so you never have to worry about losing your data.
  • Property Navigator Easily navigate between the properties you manage with Grid and List views and set regions for better visibility and reporting.

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Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

Transform Operations with Resident Inspections.

Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

Transform Due Diligence and Lease File Audit with HappyCo.

Find out how Live Inspections powers real-time data capture of property and unit conditions virtually.

Get access to this and all HappyCo insights from our industry experts

Get access to this and all HappyCo insights from our industry experts

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