Happy Due Diligence

Happy Due Diligence takes the guesswork out of acquisitions. With tools to accurately assess the target property’s condition and rapidly forecast results, you’ll help owners generate powerful business plans for maximum returns — and win new business for yourself in the process.

$7/unit per transaction*
*Price is per property transaction and based on a minimum order of $700.
Processes to make you an acquisitions ace
Property Walk
Assess investments
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Unit Walk
Deliver the details
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Lease Auditing
Get revenue insights
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Included Apps For Happy Due Diligence
The ultimate reality check
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Lease File Audit
Identify risk and reward
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Add-on Apps
Suite Features

Powerful features for property people

Simple, Engaging Interface

Intuitive design and inviting features make due diligence run smoothly. Easy-to-use mobile and web apps are built for the way your team works, ensuring you can get up and running in minutes.

Efficient Inspections

Streamlined processes help your onsite team carry out property and unit walks faster, with minimal disruption. Attach high-quality photos or costs to inspection results for objective proof of conditions.

Unrivaled Data Integrity

With incomplete notifications, field validations, and an interface that allows multiple users to work in a single file, built-in error reduction ensures you’re always working with the best data.

Smarter Forms with PMS Data

Whatever system the seller’s using, easily import their PMS data to set up inspection forms and determine rent receipts, reducing your team’s onsite time.

Faster Walks

Pre-filled forms let your team focus on what’s not up to standard, rather than checking boxes for what is, so they can start their walks from third base.

Maximum Flexibility

If onsite teams uncover new information, quickly customize inspection or audit forms at any point in the process to match input fields to your team’s workflow.

Customizable Templates

Best-in-class forms ensure your team catches the information owners need. Adjust them on the fly to capture new information as it emerges, or make them your own with full customization.

Real-Time Dashboards

Live results let you monitor audits and inspections as they’re carried out, whether you’re onsite or joining remotely. Quickly access insights and help your team adjust their approach on the fly.

Reliable Offline Mode

Spotty service can’t stop your inspections and audits on our apps. Continue gathering data in offline mode and automatically sync results when reconnected.

Advanced Data Reporting

Out-of-the box reports help you dazzle owners with accurate budgeting and deep insight into property conditions and opportunities, rent roll and demographic analysis, variance reporting, and more.

Seamless Data Output

Easily export your due diligence data to create a detailed plan for repairs and renovations, budgeting, and onboarding, so you can take the reins once a property is acquired.

"Prior to using HappyCo for our Due Diligence walks, it was taking our teams on average 5 minutes to inspect a single unit and it required two people. Now, we only need one person and it takes on average just 45 to 90 seconds per inspection. So the time savings is phenomenal, which is really critical when it comes to acquisitions."

Zach Baker Senior Manager of Technical Services, Harbor Group Management
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Setup & Support

We’re here for you

It’s easy to get started with us by your side. When you sign up for Happy Due Diligence, you’ll meet your dedicated HappyCo Pro, who will guide you through initial certification to end user training. Your Pro will set up the processes included with your package, set up rent roll and unit data from the seller’s PMS, and get your teams trained and up and running with confidence.

Due Diligence Certification

With HappyCo’s certification program, your due diligence manager will receive one-to-one expert training, so they can easily run subsequent walks without a hitch. Price of $2,499 includes a virtual training session for your walk team and customized walk forms.

Rent Roll & Unit Setup

Each due diligence includes rent roll and unit data setup for lease audits and walks with one PMS provider.


We love when customers make our tools their own. We’ll introduce you to our best practices and help you tailor the process configurations to fit your unique needs.

Admin Training

Designate your team’s admin user, and we’ll work with them live via video conference to ensure they know the system inside and out. Our training covers placing orders, generating reports, managing costs, lease auditing, navigating your dashboards, and customizing templates for unit walks. After your first due diligence project, we’ll meet again to make sure you know how to use our Advanced Data Reporting to dive deep into your results.

End User Training

Our tools make onsite teams’ work easier, so we make it easy to work with us. Our end user training is conducted via video conference and covers using Inspector and Lease File Audit mobile and web apps. Before we meet, we’ll give your team access to our HappyCo University Due Diligence Admin course, so they’re prepared to make the most of our time together.

HappyCo University

Our library of HappyCo University courses can be taken and re-taken at any time, as long as you’re a customer.


A platform of possibilities

Our technology tools put your organization’s data at your fingertips. Easily view and manage the critical inspection processes of your portfolio from anywhere — and export the data to your corporate applications or databases for seamless reporting.

Take a peek under the hood
Happy API
Fast and reliable integration with HappyCo’s platform
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Your control center for property monitoring
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"I find that a lot of Multifamily products out there have been designed for engineers, while the HappyCo product is super intuitive, and one of the only tools I’ve found that people can just pick up and use."

Briant Carcamo Business Operations Manager, Steadfast Management Company
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Suite FAQs

Any questions?

Does Happy Due Diligence come with Unit Walk and Lease File Audit tools?
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Do Due Diligence apps work offline?
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How do your integrations work?
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Can I share my account with other members of my team?
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