HappyCo Integrates ResMan to Streamline Property Inspections

New partnership improves inspection scheduling,
move-ins and move-outs, and work orders

SAN FRANCISCO (September 7, 2017) – HappyCo, the leading software provider for real-time property operations, has added ResMan integration to its platform. The new integration allows users to sync units and property lists, schedule inspections and log work orders between the Happy Inspector mobile app and ResMan Property Management software to improve the workflow for move-ins and move-outs (MIMO), maintenance, and repairs.

"This new partnership between HappyCo and ResMan is an important step toward automating key processes in the property management industry, proof that a flexible open software platform is the best thing for customers," said HappyCo CEO Jindou Lee. "For example, scheduling a move-in or move-out in ResMan triggers Happy Inspector to automatically prepare a unit inspection. Once completed, the inspection report is attached to the unit record in ResMan. By connecting compatible functionalities, both companies offer their clients utility and flexibility with best-in-class solutions."

"We're excited to roll out the new ResMan integration across all our properties," said John Carlson, President of Mark-Taylor, Inc., whose portfolio includes over $2.5 billion in multifamily investment real estate. "Mark-Taylor personnel have been more than satisfied with HappyCo and the upcoming ResMan functionality is sure to elevate the efficiency of our staff and procedures."

Integration between HappyCo and ResMan also allows for more efficient work order generation, allowing staff to create a repair or replace order in ResMan with a single click on a Happy Inspector form. Happy Inspector then assigns the work order to the relevant unit or property in ResMan, and multiple work order requests from one inspection are consolidated into a list for easy processing.

Elizabeth Francisco, President of ResMan, is excited about the new integration, "ResMan was founded on the belief that your property management software shouldn't dictate who you have to work with, but instead offer an open platform to connect customers with their choice in vendor partners, since no one knows what's better for their organization then they do. Our new integration means customers can now choose HappyCo to access a highly optimized mobile product that will allow them to efficiently collect accurate data in real-time, which is especially crucial when they are out in the field."

About HappyCo

HappyCo (happy.co) is a San Francisco-based software company that builds mobile and cloud solutions to enable real-time property operations. Its Happy Inspector product has 2.2M units on its platform and has captured more than 175 million photos. The company was founded in 2011 and is privately held.

About ResMan

ResMan® (www.myresman.com) is the fastest growing property management software solution in the multifamily industry. Built on a single platform, ResMan’s Multifamily Solution Suite provides a highly intuitive solution to meet both operational and accounting needs for the multifamily owner/operator. Through dedicated and collaborative partnerships between ResMan and their integrated partners, consumers can take advantage of best in class solutions with single sign-on and support from ResMan’s dedicated client services team.

Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

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Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

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Get access to this and all HappyCo insights from our industry experts

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