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HappyCo builds mobile applications for enterprise workforce operations.
The company was founded in 2011 and is privately held.

Leading Mobile Enterprise 3.0

HappyCo builds beautiful mobile and cloud-based applications for smarter business operations. We’re leaders in Mobile Enterprise 3.0, — a new era in enterprise computing that embraces vertical, mobile-first solutions that delight business users and don’t demand a large IT department to run. Our mission at HappyCo is to transform a business’s relationship to operations and its employees’ relationship to work by delivering software that gives executives real-time visibility into operations and empowers employees by engaging their intelligence and making work happier.

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The Path to Happiness

In 2011, CEO Jindou Lee, a successful entrepreneur turned real estate investor, found himself over-leveraged when several properties he owned turned simultaneously. He needed to recoup his residents’ deposits to quickly rehab the properties and put them back on the market and avoid loan default, but he soon discovered he had no recourse to those deposits as his property management companies lacked sufficient documentation. The reasons congregated around a central theme: the paper property inspection process had failed as the inspection documents couldn’t be located or lacked accompanying photographic evidence. A friend bridged the necessary loans and saved Jindou from default, but the experience set Jindou on a course.

He first investigated what mobile solutions in the market could provide property inspections and operations functions and found zero existing solutions that met his business requirements. So Jindou enlisted his friend, Andrew Mackenzie-Ross, a brilliant software developer. They built the first version of Happy Inspector in 2012, working with early customers to understand how they conducted inspections, identifying their pain points and collaborating on an ideal solution for property operations. The mobile app gained immediate traction in Australia, quickly becoming the leading mobile inspection app with hundreds of businesses signing on in the first year.

As strong interest from other verticals emerged organically, the founders realized the relevance of Happy Inspector across multi-unit businesses, or businesses with multiple business locations. Each of these businesses had a common pain point: they lacked real-time visibility across their distributed locations, so they couldn’t monitor operations metrics like workforce performance, property conditions, regulatory compliance and more. With the introduction of Happy Manage in July 2015 and Happy Insights in December 2015, the HappyCo platform developed from a real-estate specific application into an operations solutions platform used by leading brands across multiple verticals, including Equity Residential, Angie’s List, Westfield, Marriott Hotels and Fox and Hound bars.

HappyCo CEO Jindou Lee

The Journey So Far





HappyCo Founders Jindou Lee and Andrew Mackenzie-Ross

Founded in December 2011Jindou Lee and Andrew Mackenzie-Ross found Happy Inspector in Adelaide, Australia to address lack of standardized documentation in property inspections


Happy Inspector on iOS launches


Happy Inspector team moves to Silicon Valley to participate in 500 Startups incubation program


Team raises its Seed Round from 500 Startups and leading angel investors


Company hires first employee, Joe Guarna, to lead customer success


HappyCo VP of Customer Success Joe Guarna


Australian office opens in Adelaide


Team raises its Series A with Point Nine Capital leading the round



Happy Manage launches, the platform’s control center for field operations


Happy Inspector on Android launches


Happy BI launches, the platform’s business intelligence app for monitoring operations performance in real-time


HappyCo Smiley Face

December 2015Company changes name from Happy Inspector to HappyCo to reflect the multiple enterprise applications nature of its platform

Company signs on leading customers in key verticals such as Equity Residential, Angie's List, Westfield, Marriott Hotels and Fox and Hounds bars



Company hires Jennifer Tyson, an Apple veteran, to lead marketing


HappyCo VP of Marketing Jennifer Tyson

Company hires Andy Larson, an ex-Real Page executive to lead Sales


HappyCo VP of Business Development Andy Larsen

Buildium and HappyCo partner for improved property inspections


Company hits One Million inspection mark


Yardi Voyager Integration launches providing a better MIMO process for Yardi users


Top NMHC Manager, GoldOller Real Estate Companies selects HappyCo for MIMO and site inspections


Team raises its Series A2 funding round of $7.5 million


Company hits 25 Million inspection photos mark


HappyCo deploys first integrated Yardi and HappyCo solution for Tarragon Property Services



Happy API launches simplifying integration of HappyCo data into corporate applications and databases


Our Amazing Investors

Point Nine Capital is a Berlin-based venture capital firm focused exclusively on early-stage Internet investments in areas such as Software as a Service (SaaS), marketplace and mobile technology.

Navitas Capital is a venture capital firm at the intersection of the IT and Energy industries with a specific focus on the Intelligent Building and Enterprise sector.

500 Startups is the #1 most active seed fund and startup accelerator in the world. We're based in Mountain View, California but our companies, mentors, and advisers come from 50+ countries around the world.

Flight Ventures is a venture capital firm providing funds that fit its clients’ investment goals covering the areas of SaaS, financial services, and more. It has over 2,000 entrepreneurs and angel investors.

HappyCo Investor Michael Catalano Michael Catalano

Michael has nearly 20 years of leadership experience in developing real estate firms. He is currently the CEO of Real Estate Connections, a real estate investment and property management firm based in Los Gatos, California.

HappyCo Investors Scott and Cyan Banister Scott & Cyan Banister

Scott is a technologist and capitalist. He co-founded and was CTO at IronPort Systems, acquired by Cisco Systems for $830 million in 2007. Cyan is a partner at Founders Fund, co-founder at Signal Media Project and Owner at Banister Capital.

HappyCo Investor Mark Goldstein Mark Goldstein

Mark, 12-time entrepreneur, manages early stage investment fund Efficient Capacity LLC and runs the Bad Ass Advisors network.

HappyCo Investor Matt Price Matt Price

Matt founded the European business at Zendesk and is now SVP of Emerging Business where he manages the portfolio of new and acquired businesses. Prior to Zendesk, Matt held sales and marketing leadership positions at a variety of growth businesses.

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Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

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Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

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Get access to this and all HappyCo insights from our industry experts

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