Negligence No More: How to Protect Yourself from Damaging Lawsuits

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Many property managers and owners are taken by surprise when slapped with a negligence lawsuit. The financial and reputational consequences are often damaging and irreversible. In this recorded panel from 2018 NAA Apartmentalize, Alex Cuenca (Maxus Properties), Shelly Gil (Tarragon Property Services), Jaren Bradley (AMC), and Susan Levy (Levy Pruett Cullen) discuss the preventative measures you must take to ensure you have substantial protections in place to effectively defend yourself from unreasonable lawsuits — and in many cases, avoid them altogether.

Hear them dive deep into how negligence prevention practices have impacted resident satisfaction, quality assurance & NOI in property management operations, and how technology is taking a front seat in negligence liability cases. The operational experts discuss how mobile inspections, detailed reporting, and standardized, cloud-based documentation have vastly improved their operational workflow while facilitating operational excellence across the property portfolio. Our legal expert shares harrowing cases and trials she has litigated and advises on best legal practices for negligence prevention, including how to minimize settlements and prevent cases from going to trial. Finally, discover what specific tools and prevention processes the top managers are using to maximize negligence preparedness and protect themselves from damaging lawsuits.

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Watch Negligence No More: How to Protect Yourself from Damaging Lawsuits to explore operational best practices for protection from negligence claims, understand how negligence preparedness improves multiple areas of property management, and learn how technology plays a critical role in preventative measures against negligence.

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