Stress-free Multifamily Compliance with HappyCo’s New Required Items
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End the days of faulty heaters and slippery walkways. Take the reins of preventative maintenance. But, how? Happy Inspector’s latest updates are set to transform your multifamily operations.

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With the latest updates to Happy Inspector, your inspection essentials are always on the radar. With required items, required photos, and custom scoring, you can reduce the risk that vulnerable areas will evolve into costly lawsuits.

Required items: reducing risk, one inspection at a time.

required item The update: Make it a requirement that specific items receive a rating during inspections. This helps slash the uncertainty in multifamily operations, allowing those in the home office to accurately assess unit or property conditions.

The benefits: Winterizing a multifamily community is just one occasion where a few missed details can spur a massive lawsuit. From icy walkways to heating systems, there are several key items to inspect ahead of and during wintertime. Now, with Happy Inspector’s new required items feature, multifamily operators are able to ensure that an inspection report cannot be marked complete until specific items are rated within the form. That increased level of control puts multifamily executives in a far more secure place when it comes to lawsuits: from fire injuries or death to slip-and-fall claims.

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Required photos & notes: your best defense in a bind.

required photos The update: Make it a requirement to take a photo and/or provide notes alongside a specific item rating. This enhances data quality by adding visual proof and detailed comments on key items in a unit or community. Time-stamped photos are your best defense against disputes and claims!

The benefits: Besides preventing the worst, required photos and notes empower operators to think far ahead about their properties — through preventative maintenance. When the property managers or maintenance techs conducting inspections have to note and photograph the condition of a furnace or HVAC system on a regular basis, they can help decision-makers opt for a reasonable repair instead of a pricey replacement after it’s too late.

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Custom scoring: seamless adjustments for sound budgets.

custom scores The update: Property staff can now overwrite a standard charge for items originally entered into a template at the corporate or regional level.

The benefit: During a pre move-out inspection, for example, your staff can enter a more accurate charge than listed for an item whose damage necessitates a different fix than expected. This kind of seamless adjustment means a solid budget for operators and a clearer picture of fees owed by a resident. Besides preventing disputes, Happy Inspector’s newest feature can even help you build green communities. Now, for example, property staff can change the price of a window replacement and reflect an efficient alternative that might have dropped in cost after an original estimate.

From required items to custom scoring, enjoy a new and improved Happy Inspector to suit a range of needs as you keep communities safe and thriving!

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Take the uncertainty out of inspections – switch to mobile!

Happy Inspector is here to help with your biggest multifamily concerns: from resident safety and brand reputation to reliable budgets and trouble-free move-outs! For faster turn and quality data capture, learn more about Happy Inspector today.


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