The multifamily quick guide to UI & UX

What are UI & UX and why do they matter to your bottom line?

The multifamily quick guide to UI & UX
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What are UI & UX and why do they matter to your bottom line?

The world of enterprise software doesn’t look pretty (literally), while consumer apps like Facebook, Google Maps, Lyft, Pandora and Snapchat continue to raise expectations for fluid User Interfaces (UI) and friendly, painless User Experiences (UX). But what exactly are UI and UX, and do they actually matter to your business?

By some estimates, software design flaws can cost you 720% in lost productivity. And 70% of enterprise IT projects fail due to lack of user acceptance. With smartphone penetration expected to reach 93% by 2020 (in the next two years!) companies can no longer afford to overlook the ROI of enterprise software sporting user-focused design.

In fact, onboarding tools that blend power with approachable consumer-grade usability not only increases your employee adoption and prevents data errors, it can yield a 55% reduction in training time, a 300% increase in productivity and $2-$100 in ROI for every $1 spent.

You shouldn’t have to tolerate frustrating enterprise software. Your end users won’t.

Download The Multifamily Quick Guide to UI & UX to learn:

  • How to define UI and UX
  • The steep business costs of poor design and the big enterprise-level benefits of great design
  • The 4 keys to successful Multifamily software
“What we’ve done at HappyCo is deviate from the typical enterprise software design to build a solution that is both powerful in its usefulness and delightful in its usability. That’s a winning combination for our customers.”
Jindou Lee
Founder & CEO, HappyCo

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