Collective Conversations: Jindou Lee, HappyCo CEO & Mike Brewer, The RADCO Companies COO

Collective Conversations: Jindou Lee, HappyCo CEO & Mike Brewer, The RADCO Companies COO
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In this no-holds-barred discussion, Jindou and Mike touch on:
  • What effective leadership looks like
  • The importance of data
  • Services vs software
  • AI’s role in the future of multifamily
A few of our top takeaways from the 60-minute episode:
  • When it comes to competitors, Jindou’s philosophy is to play nice. HappyCo integrates with as many other vendors as possible so that customers can pick and choose which HappyCo solution they want to implement, whenever works best for them.
  • Technically speaking, having someone solely focused on team integrations during an acquisition, which was essential to a successful integration of Yuhu's products into Happy Property, is very important.
  • Spending more time with new employees, joining team meetings, and just plain making himself available are some of Jindou’s tried and true strategies for gathering genuine feedback from all areas of the organization - an essential part of great leadership.
  • In its ideal state, AI is meant to help, not hurt, human jobs.
“The future is a war of imagination and creativity.” Mike Brewer, Chief Operating Officer, The RADCO Companies

During this wonderful conversation between two multifamily thought leaders, Mike Brewer, COO of The RADCO Companies, invites HappyCo's CEO Jindou Lee to speak on his podcast, Collective Conversations.

More on Our Partnership with The RADCO Companies

RADCO has happily (see what we did there?) partnered with HappyCo since 2017. Hear first-hand what Mike Brewer’s experience has been like with Happy Property and Happy Asset Due Diligence.

“As the President of RADCO Residential, I’m constantly looking for innovative solutions that can make a real impact on our properties. I’m pleased to share that working with HappyCo has made significantly improving our maintenance operations look easy.

Initially, I was skeptical about the necessity of yet another property management tool, but HappyCo quickly put my doubts to rest. The platform is intuitive and easy to use, and it’s clear that they’ve put considerable thought into every aspect of the user experience.

HappyCo has streamlined our due diligence and various ongoing maintenance operation processes, enabled us to mitigate risk, and reduced maintenance costs. The platform's robust reporting tools give us a comprehensive view of property conditions, allowing us to identify trends and proactively address issues before they escalate.

One of the most impressive features of HappyCo is its powerful inspection capabilities. The platform allows our team to conduct thorough inspections in a fraction of the time it used to take. The inspection data is seamlessly integrated into our systems, providing real-time insights and analytics that have been invaluable in making data-driven decisions.

The team at HappyCo is genuinely passionate about providing exceptional customer support. They have been instrumental in our success, offering expert guidance and best practices to help us make the most of the platform. Working with a company that genuinely cares about our success and is dedicated to helping us achieve our goals is refreshing.”

- Mike Brewer

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