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Drive higher NOI and make better business decisions with real-time property analytics

Get real-time intelligence on property conditions and portfolio trends to optimize operations, achieve higher NOI, and make better business decisions.

Insights is here
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Get real-time intelligence on property conditions and portfolio trends to optimize operations, achieve higher NOI, and make better business decisions.

Insights, powered by Looker, is a robust business intelligence solution that empowers real-time analysis of property, unit, and item-level conditions across your portfolio. Whether you want the 10,000-foot view, or item-level specifics, you can now get full visibility over your data.

Insights delivers industry-leading dashboards out of the box including high-level portfolio snapshots, damage counts and estimated costs, usage and adoption statistics, and more. Item-level analytics are easily accessible across the portfolio, while filter-and-explore functionality allows you to quickly sift through large amounts of data and drill-down into causes of revenue risks and opportunities.

Out of the box BI Dashboards

Seamlessly embedded into the HappyCo platform, Insights sports a real-time database connection for blazingly fast data exploration — no SQL required.

Here’s why you and your team will love Insights.

Out-of-Box BI to Start Analyzing Instantly

Most BI solutions sit on the shelf waiting for data analysts to build dashboards. But Insights delivers with industry-leading dashboards for instant analysis. Now you can monitor inspection compliance, better manage your teams, pinpoint onsite problems, and review estimated charges across your portfolio faster than ever.

Designed in collaboration with trusted industry leading clients, Insights’ live dashboards aggregate and display the most critical data for tracking your operations and budgeting accurately.

With the Multifamily Operations Charges dashboard you can review estimated charges across your portfolio instantly, identify specific properties with higher or lower recovery for charges overall or by item, and get instant insights into average charges per inspection, month, property, and item. Damage Counts — total items damaged by month, property, and type — are visualized in approachable bar graphs, so you can easily pinpoint problem items and properties at a glance and drill into the details.

The Operations Snapshot gives you live details for inspections completed, items rated, and photos uploaded month-to-date against monthly averages.

As you onboard properties, monitor adoption progress instantly in the Usage & Adoption dashboard with per property activity metrics including number of inspections completed, unfinished, and least active properties, so you can better manage your teams and ensure compliance.

To get instantly calculated metrics on average inspection scores, and bar charts that provide average score by month, property, section, and item, you can leverage the Scoring dashboard and even drill into scores across a specific inspection template.

Insights’ dashboards enable you to apply filters, explore, and drill down to see the underlying data so you can identify the specifics behind critical trends. Whether you want to get answers for a region, a property, by item, over time or another variable, you’ll find what you’re looking for right away.

Photo Reporting You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

Insights photo reporting

Inspections without photographs aren’t nearly as valuable as inspections with accompanying visual documentation, as any premises liability lawyer will tell you. And property, unit and item conditions data without accompanying photo data is equally less powerful. But with Insights, you can add photo data into any reports, giving you the power of onsite visibility without onsite visits. Tabular reports show photo thumbnails, and in a click you can drill into the photo at full resolution.

Item-level Analytics For Better Forecasting

Item Analysis

Go deep with the Item Analysis dashboard for immediate, granular intelligence on item conditions like water heaters, HVAC and flooring, so you can improve forecasting and budgeting. Filter by specific property, section or item condition rating (“good,” “repair,” “replace,” and “needs attention”) to pinpoint your largest maintenance and turn costs.

Drillable tiles visualize the number of items inspected per month, plus item location, condition and performance. The Item Photo Feed offers you a comprehensive list of all photos captured for specific items, like water heaters, across the portfolio. Just click on a photo to instantly display the full-res version. And the stacked Item Performance chart captures the total number of items inspected by condition rating, so you can monitor potential expenditures closely.

Unparalleled Power To Explore Your Data — No SQL Required

Insights delivers unparalleled flexible access to your data with a real-time database connection for blazingly fast data exploration so you can drive optimal operations.

The Explore feature makes data discovery easy, with advanced filtering built in and Measures precalculated — like average and median charges, so you can identify trends and drill to unearth details.

Filter your data by date range, property, inspection item and more. Flexible filtering options require no SQL knowledge, and Insights auto populates possible data selections as you type. Smart Drill Into options on dashboard reports let you jump into the data details and focus on specific variables such as unit, property, rating condition, or time period — all in a click.

With Pivot options built into Explore, you can instantly aggregate and group multiple data points by property, item, and rating to identify what is driving portfolio or regional trends.

Schedule & Share Dashboards For Easy Management

Schedule dashboards or reports to share with your team on any cadence you choose. Various export formats ensure easy consumption regardless of device. You can schedule a dashboard or individual report to be emailed to your team on a regular cadence or send ad hoc. It’s just a few clicks to set up, and you can easily send yourself a test first. Dashboards and individual reports can be exported and sent in multiple formats for easy consumption — from PDF, embedded data visualization, CSV, XLSX, HTML, JSON and more. IT managers can leverage S3 and SFTP push to upload reports to their own servers.

Insights scheduler and reports

Now you can get full visibility across your portfolio — with immediate intelligence to monitor unit turns and maintenance costs, product adoption, compliance, property performance and per-item analysis.

Optimize operations, achieve higher NOI, and make better business decisions with Insights

Real-time dashboards that are ready for action right out of the box, blazing fast direct database access, and the ability to easily drill into and explore your data without having to know SQL empower you to make your critical business decisions quickly and with confidence.


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