Happy Force
Virtual maintenance for everyday repairs

Happy Force takes care of everyday maintenance requests with a maintenance team that complements yours. Our maintenance experts connect directly with your residents to provide real help in real time.

why happy force?

Fast, efficient property maintenance makes for happy residents. Happy Force takes care of the small stuff so your onsite maintenance team goes where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

Say goodbye to your maintenance blues

Too Many Tickets

When dozens of maintenance requests come in at once, even a seasoned maintenance team can feel overwhelmed.

Inaccurate Tickets

Tickets with incorrect or incomplete information slow down response times, necessitate multiple trips, and leave residents frustrated.

Slow Response Times

Your residents expect quick responses to maintenance requests, and failure to deliver can lead to decreased resident satisfaction, lower renewal rates, and damage to your reputation.

Maintenance Crew Turnover

High turnover within your maintenance team can leave your crew short-staffed, overworked, and unable to keep your communities running.

what we do

Happy Force takes care of routine maintenance for you

Happy Force complements your maintenance team. Our industry-trained technicians expertly coach your residents through easy, everyday repairs—things like burned-out light bulbs and clogged toilets—so that your techs can focus on the bigger issues. And if there’s something you’d rather have your techs handle in person, just let us know. As always, you’re in control.

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See Happy Force in Action

Like a maintenance team for your maintenance team

For Property Managers
By handling quick fixes virtually, we reduce the load on your maintenance team and make sure your residents get their issues addressed faster.

For Maintenance Techs
Our skilled technicians work directly with residents to take small issues off your plate. If we can’t resolve an issue ourselves, we’ll make sure the ticket has all the info your onsite team needs to follow up.

For Residents
Your residents want speedy maintenance that’s on their time. Our expert technicians coach them through everyday repairs. It’s safe, easy, and available when your residents are.

how it works

Use the Force. Happy Force.

Your resident places a request

Using your existing work order system, the resident submits a maintenance request. If appropriate, our team steps in, messaging your resident directly to schedule a virtual maintenance call.

We set up the call

At the agreed-upon time, we’ll connect directly with your resident via text message, phone, or video call—and provide them with real help in real time.

We coach the resident one-on-one

Our experienced technician walks the resident through diagnosing the issue, and if possible, making repairs—ensuring the whole time that the resident and your property are safe.

We work with your team

If we can’t address the issue completely, the ticket goes back in your team’s queue, now with all the information your maintenance team needs to follow up—model number, serial number, ..and diagnostic information—as well as detailed notes from the service call.

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