HappyCo Launches Due Diligence Module for Property Acquisitions

Due Diligence Module Speeds Walkthroughs While Improving Data Accuracy for Better Budgeting

HappyCo Launches Due Diligence Module for Property Acquisitions

The HappyCo Due Diligence Module empowers multifamily businesses to transform their property acquisition process with faster inspection times and increased bid and renovation budget accuracy. The module automates due diligence walks with mobile inspections, real-time dashboards, and more reliable reporting.

"It's hard to quantify just how valuable the HappyCo Due Diligence software has been for us, but it's significant," said Zach Baker, Senior Manager Technical Services at Harbor Group Management Company. "With the automated unit reports including inline photos, it's much easier to present property and unit issues confidently to the seller. A great example is a recent acquisition, where we reduced the purchase price significantly due to issues with the HVAC setup. This would have been a much more difficult negotiation process previously, but with HappyCo it was easy, and there are several cases where we've seen a substantial return."

"Due Diligence inspections now take us only half as long and provide far more accurate data, showing every unit's condition with photos," said Darren Everett, President of Denver-based BLDG Management. "HappyCo's Due Diligence Module is especially effective when a property has units with varying levels of interior renovation, allowing you to budget from an accurate starting point."

"The industry is moving away from making decisions based on assumptions and toward a data-driven model, and HappyCo's software is accelerating this trend," said Briant Carcamo, Business Operations Manager at Steadfast Management Company. "I find that a lot of multifamily products out there have been designed for engineers, while the HappyCo product is super intuitive, and one of the only tools I've found that people can just pick up and use."

The Due Diligence Module is another key addition to HappyCo's suite of products that reflects the company's continued commitment to delivering new user-friendly software to help multifamily companies improve mission-critical business processes.

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HappyCo is a multifamily PropTech company that develops software and service solutions to enable real-time property operations for owners, property management companies, and onsite teams. Its solutions suite includes market-leading workflow tools with in-unit data on over 3.5 million rental homes, a resident portal, and a remote maintenance workforce solution. Founded in 2011 in Adelaide, Australia, the company is privately held with a remote workforce throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

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