Happy API Simplifies Integration of HappyCo Data Into Corporate Applications and Databases

Happy API is a universal programming interface that gives developers fast, reliable integration with HappyCo’s platform

Happy API Simplifies Integration of HappyCo Data Into Corporate Applications and Databases

HappyCo, a San Francisco-based software company that builds mobile and cloud applications for enterprise workforces to run their operations in real time, has released Happy API, an application programming interface that supports fast integration of data collected using the Happy Inspector app into corporate applications and databases for seamless workflows and reporting. Because it’s based on gRPC — a modern communication protocol open sourced by Google, it simplifies client-server coding and speeds up implementation.

"Data is key for any organization, but integrating it with existing systems is what drives real value," said Andrew Mackenzie-Ross, cofounder and CTO of HappyCo. "Customers will be able to integrate HappyCo products with much greater ease and speed without having to write boilerplate client code because gRPC acts as a translator between client systems and our own. This solves a critical problem that many organizations face every day."

The Happy API also features Streaming, an event notification system to manage data updates to the HappyCo platform, allowing API customers to subscribe to events using a single API call — no queuing logic required. With MyID, clients can trigger API actions using their own unique identifier — creating, finding, updating, and deleting objects using their existing IDs without the need for an extra column in their database.

"It was critical for Parkchester to be able to integrate the data we collect in HappyCo into our company’s data warehouse — for both comprehensive property reporting and for application in other key workflows," said Stephen J. Warren, Chief Financial Officer at Parkchester Preservation Management, an early user of the product. "We’re thrilled with how quickly we were able to integrate on our side with the Happy API — six hours of pretty straightforward coding was all that was required to connect our data warehouse to HappyCo’s API."

About HappyCo

HappyCo is a multifamily PropTech company that develops software and service solutions to enable real-time property operations for owners, property management companies, and onsite teams. Its solutions suite includes market-leading workflow tools with in-unit data on over 3.5 million rental homes, a resident portal, and a remote maintenance workforce solution. Founded in 2011 in Adelaide, Australia, the company is privately held with a remote workforce throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

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