Webinar | Ep5 | Exploring Maintenance Centralization: Why Centralization and Why Now?


Ep5 | Exploring Maintenance Centralization

In the fifth episode of our Exploring Maintenance Centralization webinar series, HappyCo welcomed Mariana Estrada from RPM to delve into why centralization has become a buzzword in the industry and to examine its multifaceted benefits alongside our CPO, Ben Nowacky.

Here’s a snapshot of the key trends and insights covered:

  • Debunking the Myths: Enhancing job roles rather than eliminating them, and enabling greater operational flexibility across various geographic locations through technology.
  • Centralization Benefits: Streamlining processes by reallocating tasks to centralized teams and optimizing staffing and administrative costs amid economic pressures.
  • Technology Integration: Choosing technology solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing tech stacks and using that data to inform and refine operations.
  • Future Impact: Creating efficient, frictionless interactions to boost resident, associate, and customer satisfaction, with construction forecasted as the next to see centralized benefits.


Ben Nowacky

Chief Product Officer at HappyCo

Ben Nowacky is the Chief Product and Technology Officer at HappyCo and leads the product development and engineering teams across North America and Australia. In this role, Ben is responsible for executing the company’s overall product strategy while ensuring business continuity and data security. He leads with a customer-first methodology and promotes alignment between the product, engineering, and go-to-market teams. Prior to joining HappyCo in 2022, Ben was the Chief Product and Security Officer at Axcient and brings more than 20 years of product and technology experience to his role.

Mariana Estrada

Chief Strategy Officer at RPM Living

With over a decade of experience in multifamily operations, administration, and program development, Mariana now leads strategic planning, project management, ancillary services, and centralized services at RPM Living. Driven by a focus on leveraging technology to drive organizational performance, Mariana directs strategic programs that enhance the value of our clients' assets and RPM’s management services. Mariana holds a master's degree from the University of Texas at Austin and received her CPM designation in 2015.

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