Webinar | Ep4 | Exploring Maintenance Centralization: Unlocking Predictive Maintenance

Ep4 | Exploring Maintenance Centralization

In the fourth episode of our Exploring Maintenance Centralization webinar series, HappyCo welcomed Bhavnesh Jaraim from Boardwalk to explore how integrated technology can aid in predictive maintenance with our President and CPO Ben Nowacky. Here’s just a small snapshot of the hot topic trends and insights shared: 

  • Technology Alignment: Strategically aligning IT with operations to drive organizational growth and improved resident experience.
  • Strategic Centralization: Boosting efficiency and addressing staffing challenges by optimizing resource centralization and reducing redundancies.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Transitioning maintenance from reactive to proactive using data analytics to predict failures and optimize maintenance schedules.
  • Digital Twin Technology: Enhancing operational management and decision-making through real-time performance monitoring using virtual models.
  • Future of PropTech: Revolutionizing property management with the progressive integration of AI, like AI-powered robotics in construction and maintenance.


Ben Nowacky

Chief Product Officer at HappyCo

Ben Nowacky is the Chief Product and Technology Officer at HappyCo and leads the product development and engineering teams across North America and Australia. In this role, Ben is responsible for executing the company’s overall product strategy while ensuring business continuity and data security. He leads with a customer-first methodology and promotes alignment between the product, engineering, and go-to-market teams. Prior to joining HappyCo in 2022, Ben was the Chief Product and Security Officer at Axcient and brings more than 20 years of product and technology experience to his role.

Bhavnesh Jaraim

Chief Information Officer at Boardwalk

Bhavnesh Jaraim serves as the CIO and VP of IT at Boardwalk REIT. In his position, he blends his passion for technology with a commitment to fostering a culture of innovation, growth, and exceptional customer service. He has navigated the challenges of modernizing legacy systems, along with transforming the IT department to address key risks and promote best practices. His passion for property technology is at the heart of his mission to enhance the technology landscape, creating impactful improvements for both operators and solution providers.

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