Webinar | Ep3 | Exploring Maintenance Centralization: Remaking the Resident and Service Team Experience


Ep3 | Exploring Maintenance Centralization

Remaking the Resident and Service Team Experience

In the third episode of our Exploring Maintenance Centralization webinar series, HappyCo welcomed Emma Kelly from our Happy Force team to explore the transformative power of maintenance in enhancing resident experiences with our CPO Ben Nowacky. The discussion delves into:

  • Evolving expectations for maintenance: how responsive and flexible maintenance solutions are meeting post-pandemic resident expectations.
  • Value-added maintenance: approaching  maintenance as more than just a service, but a strategic advantage across portfolios and property classes.
  • Impact on resident satisfaction: how specific technology and tools improve resident communication and response times, leading to higher resident retention.
  • Increased maintenance team productivity: how AI and automation streamlines maintenance processes and improves service levels.
  • Change management in tech adoption: effective strategies for integrating new technologies into existing workflows, ensuring seamless transitions and adoption.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your maintenance operations can be a strategic differentiator in multifamily - across all property classes.
  • Technology enhances resident experience and operational efficiency when leveraged as a multiplier of your onsite teams.
  • Effective change management for adopting new maintenance technologies is within reach by listening to your onsite teams and customizing your approach to their specific needs.


Ben Nowacky

Chief Product Officer at HappyCo

Ben Nowacky is the Chief Product and Technology Officer at HappyCo and leads the product development and engineering teams across North America and Australia. In this role, Ben is responsible for executing the company’s overall product strategy while ensuring business continuity and data security. He leads with a customer-first methodology and promotes alignment between the product, engineering, and go-to-market teams. Prior to joining HappyCo in 2022, Ben was the Chief Product and Security Officer at Axcient and brings more than 20 years of product and technology experience to his role.

Emma Kelly

Manager of Client Services, Happy Force

Emma joined HappyCo in 2023 as part of our acquisition of Yuhu and is now the Manager of Client Services for Happy Force. Emma comes from a background in property management in the Canadian market and is primarily responsible for new client launches, customer success, and resident and site team engagement for all things Happy Force!

Webinar Date: Wednesday, March 27th 2024

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