Webinar | Ep2 | Exploring Maintenance Centralization: Work Order Scheduling & Assignment


Ep2 | Exploring Maintenance Centralization

Work Order Scheduling & Assignment

In our second episode of our Exploring Maintenance Centralization webinar series, HappyCo hosted Avenue Living CTO, Nathan McAuley, to share pivotal onsite operations in multifamily. In conversation with with our very own Ben Nowacky, the in-depth discussion delves into:

  • Innovative Strategies for Onsite Operations: Modern approaches to managing critical onsite functions in multifamily properties.
  • Expert insights on Work Order Scheduling: The nuances of automating work order scheduling and assignment as a vital component in maintenance centralization.
  • Technology's Role in Multifamily Management: Impacts of tech advancements on inventory control and vendor interactions to transform operational efficiency.
  • Change Management and Employee Training: Comprehensive training and support for employees as foundational to effective change management strategies.
  • The Future of AI in Maintenance: Evaluating AI as more than just a tool, but a pivotal element that is predicated on scale and accuracy of the data it’s trained on. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of understanding your processes before introducing technology.
  • Strategies for effective inventory tracking and the significance of data quality.
  • A continued call and need for “human in the loop” technology deployments.

Actionable Insights:

  • Emphasize data integration and quality in decision-making.
  • Focus on the simplicity and effectiveness of technology solutions.
  • Engage in continuous improvement and adaptation to new tech advancements.


Ben Nowacky

Chief Product Officer at HappyCo

Ben Nowacky is the Chief Product and Technology Officer at HappyCo and leads the product development and engineering teams across North America and Australia. In this role, Ben is responsible for executing the company’s overall product strategy while ensuring business continuity and data security. He leads with a customer-first methodology and promotes alignment between the product, engineering, and go-to-market teams. Prior to joining HappyCo in 2022, Ben was the Chief Product and Security Officer at Axcient and brings more than 20 years of product and technology experience to his role.

Nathan McAuley

Chief Technology Officer at Avenue Living

Nathan is a forward-thinking Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with a strategic focus on leveraging technology to enhance experiences for residents, employees, and investors alike. At the helm of cybersecurity, data analytics, and the delivery of strategic initiatives, he is committed to driving innovation and excellence through technology. With an impressive 20-year tenure in Information Technology, Nathan has amassed extensive expertise across construction, retail, manufacturing, and transportation industries, leveraging his proficiency in application lifecycle management, project management, and innovation to optimize operations and foster collaboration.

Webinar Date: Wednesday, February 28th 2024

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