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Get the data you need to underwrite and lend with confidence and achieve higher volume with streamlined inspections that yield dependable data faster. Our easy-to-use tools help onsite teams move faster, eliminate redundancy, and capture the richest view of property conditions in a snap.

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Underwrite loans confidently with Happy Lending Suite

Make the most of every moment onsite

Banish paperwork and empower onsite teams to work smarter. Freddie Mac's easy-to-use Optigo Happy runs on iOS and Android devices, centralizing your notes and photos to ensure you're capturing the information you need, more efficiently.

Reduce forms and paperwork by up to 75%

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Put property information at your fingertips

Minimize risk with the richest, most reliable picture of property conditions. Easily attach and store high-resolution photos within inspection results with a single tap — and use Virtual Inspections to access a live or recorded video stream of the inspections, so you can assess risk from your office — or even from home.

Achieve loan volume with confidence

Our streamlined inspection process collects better data. With a real-time view of property and unit conditions, you'll generate unparalleled insights with 75% fewer form fields to complete, ensuring you're capturing better data with less time onsite.

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Get the most out of your origination inspections

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