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Latest Industry Insights

Turn Meets Transparency

Want to slash turn stress and prioritize unit downtime? Transform make readies with seamless project management.


Resident Inspections: Rethinking Maintenance

Turn the tables on the biggest challenge facing operators in today's crisis: limited unit access.


Tech Nest Interview with HappyCo CEO Jindou Lee

Tune in to learn several in-depth approaches to real estate unit management plus useful insights from HappyCo’s inspiring history.


Ready For Turn? Student Turn Best Practices Webinar

Drive faster Turn operations, maximize renewal rates and boost damage recoveries with our webinar.


Negligence No More: Protect Yourself from Lawsuits

Four experts share best practices for negligence prevention in this live 2018 NAA Apartmentalize panel.

Best Practices

Calculating the ROI for Mobile Inspections in Multifamily

The Business Case for Moving to a Modern Mobile Inspection Platform


Make Move-In & Move-Out Painless

Are you missing your chance to recapture damage losses when residents move out? Learn a better approach to MIMO.


7 Essential Strategies to Nail the Perfect Student Turn

Step to the head of the class with our guide to driving faster Turn, reducing move-out disputes, maximizing renewal rates and more.

Best Practices

Navigating and Averting Negligence in Slip and Fall

Find out how property owners and their insurers can best minimize their risk in this special report.


Why Mobile Inspections? A Webinar with MRI Software

Dig deep into the impact of introducing real-time property inspections to your business ecosystem.


Best Practices for Property Inspections

Learn how to cut costs, resident disputes and legal liability with HappyCo's mobile inspections for Buildium.


The Multifamily Quick Guide to UI & UX

What are UI & UX and why do they matter to your bottom line?


The Top 12 Mobile Inspection Features Cheatsheet

Optimize your property operations with these Top 12 must-have inspection software features.


The Bulletproof DD: Secrets to Efficient Due Diligence

Learn how to prepare for unit walks and uncover big capital expenses for a bulletproof DD.


Webinar: How to Choose Inspection Software

Move to mobile for operational excellence, efficiency and better resident relations.


How To Prevent Accidents & Lawsuits At Your Restaurants

Learn how to transform poor property visibility into instant asset insight for better operations.


Preventing Tragedy Means Going Above and Beyond

The fire that blazed through Grenfell Tower serves as a warning that laws aren’t always enough.


Removing Negative Online Reviews

Identify and eliminate root causes of bad reviews with a mobile inspection system.


Paper in a Digital World

Reduce risk, increase productivity and get real business insight with an all-digital office.


Modernizing Property Inspections

One third of mortgage closing delays are caused by problems with inspections and appraisals.


Capturing Green Value in the Multifamily Industry

Increase the performance of your portfolio with new technology, efficiency audits and incentives.


Pest Prevention Checklist for Property Managers

Detect infestation signs so you can prevent and control pests on your properties.


Mobile Inspections, Multifamily Residences & the Power of BI

New software tools analyze your Multifamily data, spot trends, predict patterns and boost your net income.


Inspect for Success

Mobile inspections cut down on data entry and busywork and rapidly resolve issues to keep renters happy.


Facing Immediate Jeopardy? Here are your options

What are Senior Living’s options when it’s too late for prevention?


Avoiding Immediate Jeopardy for CoP survey success

How to pair new technology with regular internal Medicare & Medicaid compliance surveys


The Consequences of Immediate Jeopardy

Learn about the financial and reputational fallout from Immediate Jeopardy for Senior Living.


Immediate Jeopardy Keeping You Up at Night?

Learn how a serious deficiency during Conditions of Participation (CoP) survey affects senior living providers.


Putting a Price on Commercial Property

In this downloadable PDF, learn how to pinpoint property values with BI.


Why Business Intelligence Matters to Restaurants

Read about leveraging BI to increase efficiency, revenues, profitability & global customer satisfaction.


Minimizing Bad Buzz and Improving Ops with BI

Learn how business intelligence tools can help you cut customer complaints by more than 50%.


A Property Manager’s Ultimate Guide To Technology

Win more business with tech—learn how to evaluate options, achieve buy-in and implement best practices.


How California Manages Property Inspections

HappyCo CEO Jindou Lee polled CalNARPM attendees to find out how inspections are generally conducted.


Weather Prep & Recovery for Property Management

Prepare for severe weather with these pro tips. Get the specifics on lightning, wind, water, snow, fire and drought.


Evaluating Technology Checklist

Looking for technology to supercharge your business, but not sure what the best solution is?


10 Tips for Turning Over Rentals

Jindou Lee from HappyCo and Thad Peterson from Buildium talk TURN tips, tricks and hacks!


Are You Ready to Supercharge Your Operations?

Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

Transform Operations with Resident Inspections.

Learn why HappyCo is the leading platform for real-time property operations.

Transform Due Diligence and Lease File Audit with HappyCo.

Find out how Live Inspections powers real-time data capture of property and unit conditions virtually.

Get access to this and all HappyCo insights from our industry experts

Get access to this and all HappyCo insights from our industry experts

Learn why HappyCo is the leading mobile inspection platform for real-time Lease File Audits.

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