New Happy Manage Updates: Scheduling, Assignments, Dashboards, and More

Product Updates

Learn how the latest Happy Manage updates provide the compliance, accountability, and automated workflows your teams need — from new scheduling features to automated inspection reports.

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From streamlined inspection workflows to seamless scheduling and assignment features, here’s the latest round of Happy Manage updates.

With the updated scheduling features, ensure optimal compliance.

scheduling The update: You can now schedule inspections directly through Happy Manage.

The benefits: By creating unique schedules for each process — from fire safety checks to quarterly walks — you can guarantee your big-picture strategy is taking shape at ground level. Compliance is never out of reach when you can select the frequency and set the interval of each inspection process, as well as label incomplete inspections either “past due” or “expired.” But, it gets better…

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Take accountability to the next level — assign inspections.

assignments The update: Happy Manage now lets you assign inspections to specific team members.

The benefits: With Manage’s new assignment option, you can ensure nothing slips through the cracks when it comes to resident satisfaction. You can also gain important insights into staff performance portfolio-wide. This kind of visibility offers your management teams the opportunity to provide additional training where necessary or take a moment to praise team members who are truly thriving in their day to day.

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The upsides of dashboards: decision-making stems from data!

dashboards The update: The new Standard Dashboards in Manage let you pinpoint critical issues with the benefit of line-of-sight visibility.

The benefits: Happy Manage’s Business Level Operations Dashboard offers an up-close view of user adoption, property performance, and a variety of other key metrics. With the Damage Charges Dashboard, you’ll get a valuable high-level view of damage costs across your communities. Finally, the Scoring Dashboard offers automated calculation of inspection scores — a prime opportunity to bench property performance and gauge how communities perform across specific time frames.

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Updated reporting: end last-minute inspection uncertainty.

reporting The update: Automated reporting workflow now at the template level.

The benefits: Save time and improve efficiency with the ability to set your report workflow at the template level. With this new Manage feature, you can ensure your inspection reports are automatically generated, require signatures, feature logos, and much more — so that the maintenance team member on the ground can finish the job and move on.

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Improve property compliance with Happy Manage updates!

From scheduling features to assignment options, the latest updates to Happy Manage give you even more valuable insights and oversight over property operations. Learn more about Happy Manage today.


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